Standardised Jailing Times

Here are the standard, general-case jailing length for the various crimes and breach of rules in Knights of Noblemen. These do not cover all breaches of rules, only those where general cases can easily be applied. Individual circumstances can affect a sentence up or down. A repeat offender is likely to attain at least double the standard sentence. In addition, in all crimes where there was currency, items or other factors gained by the offending player, these gains will be removed leaving the player in deficit if necesary and/or removing purchases.

Offenders who repeatedly, without any reasonable doubt, continue to abuse the rules of the game and misuse it will have their account permanently deleted and are likely to be banned from the site.

Continued Misc. Mail offences 7-14 days upwards.
Creating or playing more than one account. 35 Days upwards. 60 days upwards if involving 3 or more accounts or combined with other crimes, eg. alliance theft plus attempted laundering through multiple accounts.
Stealing from an alliance or another player. 35 Days upwards, more if direct access to account is used.

If a primary clan leader is jailed for cheating, then the clan will most likely be removed.