Knights of Noblemen Rules, Guidelines and Etiquette

Our rules, guidelines and etiquette are guided by the core principles of common sense, fairness and respect for all.
It is through all members following these common sense rules and guidelines, we will create and uphold an enjoyable atmosphere for all members.
If you understand and acknowledge these principles, you will have no problem playing and enjoying the game within the rules and guidelines set out hereforth.
In return, Knights of Noblemen aims to provide you with a free, quality gaming environment with regular updates, additions and improvements and to minimize errors and down-time.

+ Accounts, "Multi's" and Cheating
Every person is limited to one account only. You can cover for a friend for up to 14 days only in any 28, and only if the friend will be returning to their account. After your time covering the player is up, if they have not returned, they must be placed into vacation mode until such time as they do return. If the same player is not going to return when covering begins, the account cannot be covered and should be entered into vacation mode immediately.
Alternating an account every 2 weeks to other people to cover in an attempt to cover an account indefinately is not allowed. You should only ever access an account you have permission to access and only use that account for the reason you were granted access. More than one person is allowed to play from one computer or one internet connection, however these guidelines need to be followed to avoid problems.
Click here to read the Same Computer/Connection guidelines.

All accounts remain the property of Knights of Noblemen at all times. You have rights to use the account within these rules. You can pass on the access rights to an account to another person who you know in real life or through an off-game messenger or email, but cannot offer to "buy" or "sell" account 'access rights' in the game via any in-game communication medium. Your account and all other accounts remain property of Knights of Noblemen at all times. If an account is not logged into for more than 21 days, and is not in 'vacation mode' our automated systems may delete the account.

Reasoning: This is part of the principle of fairness, as there are limited website resources and the use of more than one account per person leaves another person unable to play. We want to be able to share our fun, free gaming experience and enjoyable community with as many people as possible! In addition, playing more than one account can yeild other bonuses, such as target-weakening, suicides, or information sharing and other such practices (which are unfair when it is the same person in control.)

+ Theft, Stealing and Ripping
Stealing from another player includes, but is not limited to: accessing their account and taking something, not completing your part of a trade or other agreement, purposefully setting or completing a secure trade differently to agreed upon to benefit yourself, using your position and permissions in a clan, or when covering another account, to benefit yourself or a friend.

Knights of Noblemen does not allow stealing or unfair practices in our game, and we aim to proactively seek out those who do it and bring them to justice. Attempting to cheat someone or steal from someone will not be taken lightly.

Reasoning: Nobody can say that stealing is fair, this obviously comes under the fairness principle. If you feel you have been ripped off at all, then you need to contact one of our Anti-Cheat Team or "ACT" to help you deal with your problem, recover your unfairly lost or stolen items/currency, and deal with the person responsible if necessary. Always try to resolve a suspected stealing matter yourself first, in a calm and polite manner, and give people plenty of time - for example 48 hours - to complete a trade before reporting it as possible theft. Always check a players last active time from their profile. Knights of Noblemen prides itself over striving to create and maintain a theft-free game. Experiences with other games where theft was allowed, left us wanting to create a game that was fair for all it's members and disallow those who would go against that principle from playing.

+ Flaming, Slander and Bullying
This game has public forums and other forums of communication, with a diverse range of members with differing opinions and backgrounds. There is a large potential for bullying (Loosely: To treat in an overbearing or intimidating manner. To force one's way aggressively or by intimidation.), slandering peoples names (Loosely: Communication of false statements injurious to a person's reputation. A false and malicious statement or report about someone.) or simply flaming (Loosely: An insulting criticism or remark meant to incite anger).

Knights of Noblemen does not tolerate such behaviour between it's members, in any forms of communication. The only form of attacking allowed is in the Battle Arena! This game involves battling, and wars in clans. These aspects are part of the game, and being battled by someone should not be taken personally, even if it is intended so. If a particular member isn't trashing you, somebody else will be!

Reasoning: This covers all three principles. Fairness, Respect, Common Sense - "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Our shared goal of an enjoyable atmosphere for all will not occur if members go out of their way to bully, slander or flame others, as loosely defined above. Resolve your differences in a courteous manner, or accept them and put them behind you. If someone attacks you, do your best to avoid reducing yourself to their level.
Extreme, continued harassment out-of-game between members as a result of Knights of Noblemen, or based around Knights of Noblemen affects the game itself and all members enjoyment of it, and hence we take this under our jurisdiction.

+ Spamming and Flooding
Spamming (Loosely: Unsolicited mail sent for clan recruitment or to advertise something, widely off-topic posts) and Flooding (Loosely: Excess posts/messages over a relatively small period of time) be it on the forums, through mail or other forms of communication should be avoided.

Reasoning: Spamming and Flooding can be irritating and annoying to people, affecting their enjoyment. It also wastes the servers bandwidth. This comes mainly under common sense, and respect for people not wanting to read/receive spam or floods.

+ Bug Abuse and "Hacking"
You have a responsibility to report any abusable bugs - that is, an error in the game that can give the abusing parties an unfair advantage - direct to or to manager FleckerMan (555) in-game - and to not purposefully abuse any such bugs you may find or become aware of. We appreciate your assistance in reporting other non-abusable 'bugs' or minor errors on the Bug Board in the forums, or mailed to a Bug Searcher if you prefer. Please avoid mailing managers for minor errors and non-abusable bugs.

Reasoning: Abusable bugs, while very rare, occasionally crop up with a new addition or update, despite careful testing. They have the potential to give unfair advantages to abusing players and can have knock on effects on Market Rates for minerals, etc. or other things. It is important that these problems are located and corrected quickly, and if necessary the game rolled back to the state before the bug was in existence or first discovered and abused. If many people abuse a bug, a rollback is the only option, if only a few, they can usually be corrected fairly without the need for a rollback. This is why it is important that you a) do not abuse a bug and b) report it immediately if you become aware of a problem or discover one.

Hacking as shown in movies and TV is usually brute force or computer wizardry. In real life the most common type of hacking is through social engineering, or trashing. If you have someone watch your account always change your password before and after, and do not give them a password that's similar to one you use elsewhere. Players who "hack" into another players account (find out login information and login unauthorized, or otherwise) are in breach of the rules. Any person attempting to gain unauthorised access to any part of the KoN website or third-party 'Knights of Noblemen' related websites that they should not have access to is also in breach of the rules of the game.

Reasoning: 'Breaking into' someone's account without permission is unfair and similar to breaking into their house or their car. The decision of access to the account belongs to them. Breaking into a website for Knights of Noblemen related reasons or doing Knights of Noblemen related damage is not something that encourages an enjoyable atmosphere and community, and has bearing on the game it-self, and hence we take such actions under our jurisdiction.

+ Automation
Please note our policy on Automation, scripts, macros and similar.
You are not allowed to use any automation to play the game or do things for you, where it
a) gives you an unfair advantage, or
b) increases your footprint on the websites server then would be done from normal use.

Explanation for part a - 'unfair' advantage, refers to what you gain from using automation, that other users that are not using it, or that you yourself not using it, would gain. It could simply be time. Depending on the level of automation, time saving automation can be an unfair advantage.
Explanation for part b - This is a free game, so you can't over-use the website through automatic scripts as it would make the website unavailable for other players and slower for all.
Using an auto-refresh option on your browser in the forest to use up your steps, while you are online and watching it work, with a reasonable delay, is no different than clicking the link yourself, so is fine.
Using an auto-refresh option on your browser on a mercenary healing page, while away from the computer yourself OR even while at the computer, is unfair, as it gains you defensive EXP if you are a strong player.
Use your best judgement. If you are in any doubt over whether any automation you use is unfair, stop using it, as if there is room for doubt, it's likely unfair, by Knights of Noblemen's definition of unfair.
Note that all page loads are logged in our database, so can be used to check for signs of unfair automative use.

+ Privacy and Personal Information
Players are not to give out the personal information of other individuals, including but not limited to:- their real name, their email address, their IP address, their location details, etc; without express permission from the individual in question.

Reasoning: Players have a right to their own privacy. They may share information with an individual about themselves with another individual in privacy and not wish it to be passed on to other people or the population as a whole. It is out of respect for this right that personal information should not be shared without express permission.
All players should take great care when deciding whether to give out personal information. People on the internet may not be who they say they are, and once you have given out information, you cannot take it back. If information is shared against your wishes, it can't be 'un-shared'. Bear this in mind when telling anyone anything about you that you might not wish everyone to know.

By respect, we don't mean you have to like everyone, agree with everyone, or be friends with everyone. We don't mean you have to hold everyone in deferential regard.
We mean you should have "willingness to show consideration or appreciation" and/or "avoid violation of or interference with".

Respect each other, respect the rules and principles, and enjoy the game and community. Thank you!

All relevant rules here apply on the forums, for specifically forum rules, click here.

Breach of these rules may result in your account being locked or "jailed", (or even removed permanently with continued abuse) as per standardised jailing times taking into consideration the full relevant circumstances of the situation at hand and previous offences. Errors & Omissions Excepted.