Knights of Noblemen Forum Rules

These rules apply to everyone in the forum including the Staff and Subby's.

  • English is the primary language of KoN. However it IS an international game, so to be fair to everyone ALL POSTS in a thread must be in the same language as the FIRST post in a thread. So if you have a clan all of whose members speak Latin, and you want to look for additional players of the game to join your Latin club you are welcome to make a post in the appropriate forum in Latin. If you do all posts to that thread MUST BE in Latin as well. Putting an English translation of your post is highly recommended however.

  • Obscenity and Vulgarity are not allowed in the forums. Several of the more offensive words are auto filtered. Evading the auto filter to use any word that is banned will result in an immediate ban of no less then one day. Obviously not all variants of these words can be accounted for. For example if STUPID where banned. Spelling it $tup!d would count as evading the auto filter. Using Stupidest would not be allowed either even if it wasn't auto filtered, as the root word IS.

  • Flaming is not allowed in the forums. This includes personal attacks, slandering, and swearing at or against any other player. Harassment of any player or otherwise being rude and obnoxious in the forums would also fall under this category.

  • Linking to inappropriate material is not allowed, this includes, but is not limited to, anything illegal, pornographic, or inordinately disturbing. If you are unsure about the appropriateness of a link consult with the forum moderation staff before posting the link. Other games may be linked to but ONLY in the Non-Game discussion forum.

  • Spam and Flooding are not allowed. Spam can be hard to precisely define, but if you are only posting to increase your post count, or to say "me too" it's a good bet it's spam. Off topic and nonsense posts are also spam. Flooding is much more serious and will likely result in an immediate ban as well as deletion of the Flood posts. Flooding is posting multiple times in a row to the same thread, or posting the identical posts in multiple threads/forums and similar activities.

  • Begging is currently not allowed in the forums.

  • Conducting or discussing illegal activities in the forums is not allowed. While it is certainly acceptable to discuss whether or not something should be legal or not, using the forums for illegal activities, discussion of illegal activities, or propagation of information or links on how to commit them is not allowed.

  • All the relevant game Rules, Guidelines & Etiquette apply on the forums also.

  • These rules apply on all boards, and some boards may have board-specific rules detailed in a Floated, Locked thread a top the board.

  • If you have questions or concerns about these rules please mail a Moderator or the Head Forum Moderator.

    Staff of Knights of Noblemen