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•Tigress• (8737)
Posted on 08/20/04 01:03:31
Union Board Guidelines - Read Before Posting
Just a few guidelines to follow when making a new thread in here.

1: No one or two sentence opening posts. If you start a thread looking for a mate, put some heart into it. Tell a little about yourself and what you would like in a mate. All one or two sentence threads run the risk of being deleted on sight. Also the more you share, the more likely it is that the right people will respond.

2: Stay active in your thread. Remember it's you making the thread so you have to keep it going until you either find yourself a mate or no longer wish to search for one. If you wish to stop looking for any reason, post in your thread so people know.

3: Found a mate? Share your success within your thread! Not only does it allow us to congratulate you, but also lets the forum mods know when a thread is no longer necessary - helping to keep things tidy.

Now that basically covers it Follow these steps and you're giving yourself the best opportunity to find a union.

Thanks Everyone.

Note: All threads currently running, if originator of the thread doesn't edit his beginning post to meet the guidelines within 48 hours they will be deleted.

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Posted on 11/10 10:26
A few ideas for making Union request posts.
To avoid people just posting "I want a union" type posts, with no details etc., Muskee created a template for union posts, for those who couldn't think of anything else to write. This is based upon that template.

Suggested things to include
In-game Name
Location (area should be enough, to give an idea of time zone)
Likes & dislikes (particularly in a prospective unioin partner)
What you're looking for in a union e.g. Game partner, friend, anything else (within the rules of KoN)

Of course, you can do your own thing (and if you're creative enough, that should be encouraged), but do use these suggestions if you're struggling for something to say.


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