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Paks (74097)
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Posted on 10/09 15:41
New/Old Paks here
Hi! Presently staying at the last castle, will be moving back into my home soon. Knights of Christ KoC. Hope to see some of you join. It's been awhile since I've been around, a long while, but most of the veterans know me. Would be nice to hear from some old friends, but when I get to KoC, feel free to visit, your input would be greatly appreciated. & if you would like a position, I will be looking for new staff, from top to bottom. Will do a big cleaning, & am hoping to get some of you, both older players & newer ones in. A special thanks to our King Zander & Queen Cheryn of whom we started together, miss them, but they have retired on to interesting things like the US Air Force, LOL . Last I knew they were in a realm known as Italy, am sure by now they've gone elsewhere. So, if anyone's interested, just contact me. Know that this character will be deleted when I get in my own clan with the original Paks. Would really like to get to know you new folks as well, so.... Contact me, & we can talk. Blessings, ~Paksy~

10/09 15:43: Edited by Paks (74097)
6 Subscriber Days ]K[ Wanda Lusst (53886)
Posts: 680
Posted on 10/10 02:21
welcome back.
Paks (74097)
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Posted on 10/10 05:16
Thanks, Sweety!!!
4 Subscriber Days AA Annette :D (1233)
Staff: Staff
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Posted on 10/12 06:00


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L Paks (74097)
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Posted on 10/12 17:24
Hey, Sister!!! <3 U 2!
Whatcha' been up to?
1 Subscriber Days AA Wedge (2735)
Staff: Head Moderator Staff
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Posted on 10/14 15:14
Welcome back Paks!
Wedge put out a bowl of milk for the kitty!
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L Paks (74097)
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Posted on 10/15 17:23
Thanks, Wedge!!!
Yeah, Mr. Fleck's got it all worked out, as soon as I'm done at the castle, I will delete myself, and go home. It's been nice to be in my original home for a bit again. TY, Dandin!
Lady Paks (51315)
Posts: 2881
Posted on 10/17 02:00
All is well, & back to my old self ....
KoC is reopened, and rdy for new/old friends. Hoping to see you folks soon.
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