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Dan Kabrinski (4000)
Posted on 09/21 15:27
1. Trade Board Rules
All the relevant [ KoN Rules & Etiquette ] apply on all forums.

Also, ALL POSTS in a thread must be in the same language as the FIRST post in a thread.

The following are all regarding as forum offences.
Note: these apply to forum signatures, as well as posts.

Spamming and Flooding
Soliciting attacks
Soliciting jousts
Posting QotD answers/hints
Harassing staff (including QotD bashing).
Obscenity and Vulgarity
Linking to inappropriate material
Conducting or discussing illegal activities
Advertising other games
Inappropriate behaviour
Impersonating other players/staff

These apply to all boards, and some boards will have additional rules relevant to their topic.

Not knowing a rule is no excuse to break one.

If you have questions or concerns about these rules, please mail a Forum Moderator or a Head Moderator.
Individual player situations will not be debated or responded to in public boards.

Thank you

The Moderating Team

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Posted on 04/01 17:03
Trade Board Rules
Only create a thread if you have something to offer.

Only post a response if you are making a genuine bid, or are requesting clarification about the trade.

Retracting a bid midway makes the other bidders feel they were duped into bidding higher against a competitor who is actually not willing to pay

Once you have posted a bid you will not be allowed to retract it

In-game items, minerals, GC, alliances and items can be sold or auctioned off. However, minerals, tokens & GC cannot be traded for Silver (for this, use The Market).

Trades can not be made for other currencies(Game or Real), except for MechG credits, which can be traded for KoN Silver. However, buying Vantage Packs for other players in exchange for a tradable Vantage game currency is always allowed.

When advertising a trade (not including services), a closing date needs to be included, with all the relevant details; your thread may be locked until this is rectified. The maximum end date for a sale is 10 days after the initial posting.

When a trade is completed, confirmation of the transaction must be posted in its thread. Once this has been done, mail a moderator to lock the thread.

A seller has the right to withdraw their offer at any time before an agreement is reached. However, they must post a note to the thread, and ask for the thread to be locked.

Under no circumstances should any trade thread, or post to a trade thread, be deleted; this should only be done by the moderating team.

Services can be offered, as long as they are not illegal, or against any of the KoN rules.

Service offers do not require an end date. However, a service thread may be locked if:
a) the provider has been inactive for a month.
b) a post requesting a service has not been responded to within two weeks.
c) there are no posts for over a month (providers are allowed to 'bump' their own threads, and can request a moderator to delete any previous posts that are no longer relevant).
d) at the provider's request.

If you are unsure about whether a trade is possible, please refer to the moderating team.

The Trade Board is subject to the normal forum rules, which cover all the Forum Boards.

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