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1. Trade Board RulesDan KabrinskiContributor AA Seed11763
wanting to buy $35 subbyĢŠģ Ser SquiddyMorinehtar057
Selling 2.5 million GuildersLŠ-{Duke Carl of Foix}-%LŠ-{Duke Carl of Foix}-%7117
Selling $65 Subby PackMorinehtarAdmin AA Pamela151
Selling 46 Subby days 15m/eachModerator DŽead LoŽdModerator DŽead LoŽd253
noble packLŠ- Death EaterēCē Elbeejay099
Subby DaysPersecutorPersecutor292
Ongoing deal for Iron BarsMorinehtarNot Marchie7165
$35 Subby Pack for saleMorinehtarAdmin AA Pamela382
Pack Points for Coppice 1:1 LockedMorinehtarMorinehtar459
Subscription DaysPersecutorModerator DŽead LoŽd12121
Looking to buy alliances! Negotiations to all!Moderator DŽead LoŽd045
Trading up to 50M Iron and 10M GC for IB & TimberModerator DŽead LoŽd035
Selling 45 PP for best offerModerator DŽead LoŽdModerator DŽead LoŽd441
WTB 80 PPLŠ- Death EaterModerator DŽead LoŽd183

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