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2. Writing Good QotD`s
Creating a Question of the Day is often done when players feel like spending their time being creative, wondering how questions of a school's test might be made. How can you create a well-thought Question of the Day for Knights of Noblemen?

1. Rule of Thumb
Questions of the Day always have to be based on facts. They are recommended to be findable over the Internet, because that way you can back up your QotD submission with a source URL.

2. Selection
Think well about what subject the QotD will be. Try giving the Knights of Noblemen Community a little bit of your area. What do you do? Where do you live? You have to start rating here already: the lesser your area is known, the harder the QotD should be rated.

3. Tweaking the QotD
This is the final phase of rating your question: the wrong answers. Here's a handful of ways to tweak it.
3a. Precision
Creating an answer that lies close to the true answer, but is incorrect when a closer look is taken, makes the QotD more difficult.
3b. Deception
If you know a term can be misread, you might want to give an incorrect answer a player is led to when he or she reads the term in the incorrect way. This makes the QotD fairly harder.
3c. False Logic
An answer that is easy to choose. The sequel of X can have an incorrect answer X 2 when the answer is actually Y. Additional information behind the false answer and splitting times also works.

Be sure to back up why false answers are false. This helps defending the choice of the correct answer, not only for you, but also for the QOTD Moderator who has to answer to questions and complaints from players.

5. Submission
Only Staff members have the ability to directly submit QoTD suggestions. A non-staff member can use the Messenger for discretely giving the info and correct answer.

Example Questions
4 questions, respectively Easy - Medium - Hard - Extreme. The answers can be found after the Credits section.

What is the name of the capital of the Netherlands?
A: Amsterdam
B: Utrecht
C: Rotterdam
D: Vlissingen

Which of the following is not a Dutch harbor city?
A: Apeldoorn
B: Amsterdam
C: Den Helder
D: Rotterdam

What band did not title one of their songs as 'Amsterdam'?
A: Funeral For A Friend
B: Van Halen
C: Guster
D: Coldplay

Which of the following is a Dutch harbor city?
A: Nieuw-Lekkerland (before 2005)
B: Katwijk (after 2005)
C: Deventer (after 2005)
D: Nieuw-Lekkerland (after 2005)

-CrimsonDiablos- (98) - for the Guidelines posted in the Staff Board
[Rhodan] (12) - for putting the basics up
Balohan (8789) - for perfecting the strategy

All the questions were factual questions.

1st Q: A, Amsterdam. LMGTFY.
2nd Q: A, Apeldoorn. Apeldoorn has no harbor.
3rd Q: A, Funeral for a Friend. The complete title is not 'Amsterdam' but '10:45 Amsterdam Conversation'.
4th Q: Deventer. Deventer has been a harbor city before 2005 as well. Nieuw-Lekkerland and Katwijk are villages, not cities.

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