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Paks (74097)
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Posted on 10/10 05:13
Is wondering .....
Would it be feasible to get a desktop icon that would pop us right into KoN?
101 Subscriber Days Aryador (75718)
Staff: Staff
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Posted on 10/10 12:48
Set it as your home page
Paks (74097)
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Posted on 10/10 14:10
That would be interesting, but I don't know how.
«̀¤Á»«Radical Raxuss» (39777)
Posts: 1472
Posted on 10/11 03:05
Alright, so...
I'm a Chrome user, it may be different for other browsers.

I went up to the top of the page and clicked on the three dots at the veeery end of the search bar. From there you hover over 'more tools' and there's an option to 'add to desktop'.

Tried it out and threw a castle icon right on the desktop for me.

Hope that helps.
Immortal Warrior
Paks (74097)
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Posted on 10/11 06:53
Wow! Totally cool! Will have to try that! Hugs & Blessings!!!

20 Subscriber Days D®ead Lo®d (42755)
Staff: Moderator Staff
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Posted on 10/18 08:51
On most Windows operating systems
On most Windows operating systems, I hope this helps

1. Right click your desktop
2. Mouse over new
3. Click Shortcut near the top
3. Type the location of the item as "" - Hit Next
4. Name it "Knights of Noblemen" or "KON" (Or the name of your choosing) - Click Finish.

Let me know if you need any more help

You can contact me via phone etc: at one of my side projects. I don't mind just remind me or my assistant what you're calling about. Pro-bono of course on some basic help . Good luck!
There is nothing to fear but the Dread

L©-Aonghais (51642)
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Posted on 10/18 15:39
On most Windows operating systems...Deux
1. Set your browser into windowed format (not full screen) so you can see some part of an EMPTY desktop.
(mine is filled with all sorts of shortcuts)
2. Go to the KoN home page/login screen
3. Click once into the address area (or highlight the KoN address)
4. Left mouse click the highlighted address area AND HOLD
5. Drag the address to the desktop

This will automatically make a shortcut on your desktop

(Now you know why mine is so cluttered) ;-)


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