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†L† (40347)
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Posted on 03/09 08:16
The Manor House(Events)
Hey guys!! just trowing the suggestion. :-)

i was wondering maybe more can happen at "The Manor House" than just praising/cursing the Nobility/Royalty..
like monthly Manor Events, for example:
(Event: the Dispute between the lady and the Lord)

The Mannor House

You stand in the large green lush gardens of the manor house, (maybe a bit more descriptive lol)

-Enter The Manor House
-Leave The Garden


You enter the Manor House, Noticing, glancing at the beautiful decorative walls, the vases, etc.. Eventually you walk up to two Ladies disputing, as you walk up their heads turn; Lady x says"will let him/her decide" Lady x replies;"fine". Lady x speaks:

"The Lord x is disputing with Lady X about ********the whole story mention here******** what do you think?.."

-agree with Lord x
-agree with Lady x
-"Excuse me, i don't believe im suppose to be here" walk quickly out the Manor.

Depending on what you choose either lady x or lady x will answer with something like; "Ohh Great!! I knew it!!" she runs off saying "ill make sure to let Lady x/Lord x know!!"
(you can come back and the first/Second lady x just says something like; "Im glad you agree with me, I knew Lord x/Lady x was right!")

I Hope I Can Get Some Replies!! I think its a good idea!!
you can use the names of players that would be willing to be in the spotlight in The Manor House. like a "love triangle" , "Princess/Prince visits" etc.

it could also be with benefits, choose the Lord x and get +1% Np or knight exp boost for that month..

it doesn't have to be a story, could be a competition, lottery, anything. just seems like The Manor House is Empty, almost like something should be happening there..

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I like aristocracy. I like the beauty of aristocracy. I like the hierarchical feeling.~James Salter
455 Subscriber Days Morinehtar (30764)
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Posted on 03/10 05:01
For this to be worth doing it needs to have a benefit for the Nobles who take part, or be an extremely good story we're stepping into.

I like your idea of a temporary benefit - a small NP boost for a week or a month is good.

The reality is that we're [probably] lucky this game keeps going. The Overlord of the West hasn't been active for over 4 months. And when KoN couldn't be found on the server on the weekend ... I thought the whole thing had ground to a halt. Is the Fat Lady writing on the wall?

We've just got to enjoy what we've currently got, enjoy each others company ... and hope.


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ºGoHº Elbeejay (33007)
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Posted on 03/29 06:26
Amen to that!
ºCº Elbeejay

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