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1. Rules
All the relevant [ KoN Rules & Etiquette ] apply on all forums.

Also, ALL POSTS in a thread must be in the same language as the FIRST post in a thread.

The following are all regarding as forum offences.
Note: these apply to forum signatures, as well as posts.

• Flaming
• Spamming and Flooding
• Begging
• Soliciting attacks
• Soliciting jousts
• Posting QotD answers/hints
• Harassing staff (including QotD bashing).
• Obscenity and Vulgarity
• Linking to inappropriate material
• Conducting or discussing illegal activities
• Advertising other games
• Inappropriate behaviour
• Impersonating other players/staff

These apply to all boards, and some boards will have additional rules relevant to their topic.

Not knowing a rule is no excuse to break one.

If you have questions or concerns about these rules, please mail a Forum Moderator or a Head Moderator.
Individual player situations will not be debated or responded to in public boards.

Thank you

The Moderating Team

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RPG Forum Rules & Guidelines
This Board is for Role Playing Games only.

Definition of Role Playing
To act in the manner of a character, to play a role or part.

Types of RP Games
There are three common types of RPGs:

Story threads
The first post starts a story, additional posts continue the story.

Open Role-play
This includes taverns, lounges, homes or any "gathering place" for players.

# Word thread
Perpetuate a story using only the indicated number of words.

Posts that do not fall into one of these categories will be reviewed, and moved if it is not regarded as "role playing".

In addition to the standard forum rules, all posts must contain role playing.

Posting Recommendations
• Say something meaningful in your post.
• When entering a thread the first time, introduce yourself and describe your entrance.
• When returning to a thread provide an entrance. *walks into the bar* is enough of an RP entrance.
• Use a subject line that summarises your post.
• Remember that there are impressionable youngsters playing this game; make sure your behaviour is appropriate, and set a good example.
• Keep to the theme of the post. While lounges, taverns and bars are more open ended, other threads are not.
• Story RP threads are acceptable, and unless you are participating in the story, don't post. It will be considered off topic and spam. (in other words, keep to the theme of the post)

Things to avoid
• 1 or 2 word responses
• subject line only content (except in "# word thread" games)
• Consecutive posts from the same individual.
• Inappropriate Language (however light, it's still inappropriate)
• Posting just to post. If you have nothing relevant to say, don't post.
• Leaving subject lines blank; say something.
• DD (Drunk and Disoderly): You can't get drunk in a forum... RP or not.
• Sexual content is not acceptable. Such activities (if necessary) should be taken to a more private venue.

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