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Posted on 07/05 14:50
Some other Guidelines to consider...
Morning Ladies and Ghoul's.

We have a great little community coming and going on the RPG boards. Most of us all know how to have a good time but for some who might feel the urge to get carried away, please try to keep these few tips in mind

Each tavern and pub is unique to the particular owner. So we are asking that only the Pub owner repost there own individual posts and therefore insuring that all get time to read the old post's. No one other than pub owners or a second person who has permision from that player may float a new one, or else it will be deleted!

Any individual is not to have more than two Threads at any given time.
We ask if there are any at the moment who have more than two to please cut back to two as there are alot of players and there is more than enough people to afford two each

There is alot of confusing about spamming. The recommendation is not to have a post less than four words long and to be kept on subject as then it becomes spam

The Flaoted Guidelines at the top of the RPG board are the rules to be followed.

We hope everyone has a good time and if you unsure about any matters always feel free to ask

In addition to the 2 threads your allowed. You can also have 2 RPG sign up threads as well.

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