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TheDarkSorceressDakmor' (61834)
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Posted on 08/29 05:43
A Different Type of RPG Part II
The tale continues...

These players already have characters:


If you are not listed above, please read the requirements for participating in the first post of Part I. I don't want to duplicate that here.

The Summary of Part I:

Totally unclear.

There is apparently a war going on for this world. Some appear for this world to survive, others not so much.

Some players are apparently here to help or hinder against their will...and some have no idea why they are involved.

It has all (after 100 posts) come down to this:

A mercenary and a lost soul are staggering towards a cave entrance. They are looking for a throne.

The person that has led them there has apparently been killed but other magics are at work...and speaking of magic...the two players left have magic that they have not flaunted as yet.

The cave...with the throne that will not only save this world but many others...awaits them...if they dare.

There are powers at work here that are unseen by all but seen by some...


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«Ì¤Á»«Rapidash Raxuss» (39777)
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Posted on 09/07 16:43
A Chair is for Sitting
The mercenary wasted no time in searching the room for clues. For the sorceress. For anything other than the really expensive and magical chair.

"Grah! Perhaps she actually burst into flames!" the mercenary yelled, pretty disappointed that his guess was wrong and the person who led them through this madness could not yet sit in the chair before them.

And he wasn't about to wait.

"Good sir, I will sit in the chair first." he said to his companion. The man he swore to defend until he got his memory back. His life back.

"I do not know what exactly will happen when I do, however. And I must apologize in advance if it renders me unfit to protect you. I have not been unaware during our time together; I have noticed a sort of magical well about you. Or perhaps you don't absorb magic, but you completely resistant to it. Whatever the case may be, take these two items." The mercenary handed the scared looking man both his sword and crossbow.

"The sword is simple enough to use, as is the crossbow. The bolts themselves are magical and will be so even after you fire it. I go now to this journey's end, in all hopefulness."

Then he turned to the brave warrior who aided them earlier and said, "I know not who you are, but I would humbly ask for your assistance and generosity once again. Please defend my charge and, should I become unable to leave this place for whatever reason, take him as far as you can out of harm's way. There are mages in each of the larger cities; have them heal him of his amnesia."

And without waiting for a reply, the mercenary strode quickly over to the enchanted chair and sat in it, ready for whatever will happen to happen.

He guarded his mind and prepared years of mental experience for any magical prods into his mind to occur from this....chair.
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Scorpio (58627)
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Posted on 09/10 11:14
psh....watching from with in the shadows.." do not write her off yet .." waving her hands..a charge sent through the room throwing the mercenary from the chair ..." she will arrive soon.." whispering in his ear...

..not about to let them forget her presence , her hands moving again as a fire begin forming around the chair..protecting it from others.." only the sorcerous magic will make it vanish.." a crooked smile forming on her lips..

...." fine.." she whispered with displeasement..almost to loud for others to hear.." i'll go check on her.."...she wasnt done playing with them ..but she also didnt want to irritate the ones who sent her ...they alone had the power to destroy every thing and every one in their way...

quickly she moved through the shadows..making her way to the tree...." hmm ..just as I left you...your wounds should be healed now.." she pressed slightly on the tree, splitting it in half..." thats as far as I can go..the rest is up to you.." slowly disappearing into the earth..

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if at 1st u dont succeed..beat the crap outta the guy who made u try !
Kasumi Ryuuhiko (51292)
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Posted on 09/10 21:51
I watched as first the mercenary sat upon the chair, and then, without so much as a twitch of his muscles, the mercenary flew through the air, landing with a loud crash some feet away. Moments later a magic flaw of intense heat and power encircled the chair, rendering it apparently untouchable.

"Hmm, how strange indeed, I have seen more magic lately, than I have seen in many years.." I said to myself as I approached the chair wearily. When I stood but a few inches from the flames at the base of the chair, I extended my left hand above the flame, which flickered momentarily before extinguishing. Though it was a flame of intense power, whomever cast it was yet another unknowing soul, unaware of who, and what I was..

"Now to wait for my friend.. If indeed he is yet alive..' I again muttered to myself before turning to the mercenary who was just beginning to gain his feet once more.

"Try again my friend." I said to the mercenary, "I have a feeling that your results might be different this time around.."

I then walked over beside his wayward companion, and knelt upon the ground, watching the two men, as they both muddled to their tasks, one apparent, the mercenary and the throne. And the one not so apparent, the man with no memory, but with a deadly and powerful past.

In memorial of Nikki (41428), a great friend, you are sorely missed

In a quantum universe, magic is not the exception but the rule.

Magic is real, if we could pause for but a brief moment and allow ourselves to step outside of of our world of explanations and science, and into the inexplicable, we would find we could fly, we could live, we could breath...magic is real if you let it be and believe.
«Ì¤Á»«RespectableRaxuss» (39777)
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Posted on 09/12 01:18
Reserved Seating
The mercenary was not happy.

"Try again? This seat unseated me all its own and I should try again? I am not mad." the mercenary answered rather angrily, glaring at the chair.

Despite his complaints, he did stride back over to the chair. But he did not sit in it; he, instead, took out a small dagger and placed it in the chair. For an entire minute did the mercenary stare at the dagger and wait for it to fly out of the chair. But it did not.

Content with the results, the mercenary sheathed the dagger and took a seat once again. Hopefully, as was suggested, with better results.
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TheDarkSorceressDakmor' (61834)
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Posted on 09/12 05:31
A figure approached the cave entrance
haltingly. It shuffled towards the entrance, grasping a staff and its side.

It hesitated just beyond the light shining from inside the cave, and seemed to shudder.

The figure took one step closer, but just as the light touched its robe it faltered and fell away, back into the shadows with a soft moan.

''Do not place metal there....for it shall...'' a soft whisper floated on the wind into the cave before the figure collapsed into the darkness.
«Ì¤Á»«RespectableRaxuss» (39777)
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Posted on 09/13 05:38
Fashionably Late
"Ha! She arrives! All in good time, I suppose." the mercenary said, quickly jumping out of the chair and rushing over to the fallen form, stopping just short of her.

"Sorceress?" he asked hesitantly, unsure of quite a few things. Like if she needed help, if she was even the sorceress at all, or if he touched her if he would turn into a nasty creature or just be vaporized.

"Need assistance?" he asked, after a moment's delay.
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Scorpio (58627)
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Posted on 09/17 11:50
...blowing softly through the air..a thousand crystals of sand dancing... , moving around the sorceress as she lay on the ground...softly lighting her figure...." dont just stand her..." she wanted to say...a scowl forming on her lips as she stood back and watched.....
..her eyes moving around the room..."hmmm.....who turned out my flame.." she wondered...her mind sharp, searching..." ah, we have a warlock..or some other form of magic user...." a slight curve covering the corner of her lips..." hmmm...this could possibly be fun.." staring at the mysterious man......~ sigh~..." remember why you're here.." whispering under her breath....." you can have fun with him later"...looking back to the sorceress..." now....what to do with you .."....: if only they would let her interfere it would be so much easier..." she thought to her self.." not the one in charge.." almost glaring..." ...ill waite...." disappointment showing in her eyes ...
if at 1st u dont succeed..beat the crap outta the guy who made u try !
¤ James 29 (31209)
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Posted on 09/28 18:44
OOC: sorry end of the season rush at work, done now,
The man looked around. He felt as if he had been running automatically some how. Not of his own will. He did not know what caused this laps but he was now in control of himself once again.

The cave was full of magic. It was in the chair, the walls, the very air sizzled with it. He wondered why the others seemed immune to its presence, or maybe just unaware. It made him feel stronger, faster, and brave. He could feel the magic drawing towards him. There was so much of it.

The wanderer felt as if his skin was glowing with power. He could feel the magic of the crystal shards outside, the protective shielding of the cave, the unique magics of each person here. It was as if he instinctively knew what they were. He looked at the chair. He knew it was meant for him, he knew its purpose, how it worked and what powered it.

Slowly he began walking towards it. The ancient magic called to him. It shed its protective wards when the wanderer had entered the cave. It sang a beautiful song to him. It called with its melody of unimaginable power.
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Posted on 09/29 03:15
Magic and All That
The mercenary shook his head as his ally approached the chair.

"I don't know, sir. But she is too...ah, whatever. Go on; I will watch the door. But first..." He approached the sorceress and, praying to any deity that would listen for nothing bad to happen, picked up the very light mass of woman and cloth. He carried her further in, toward the opposite side away from the entrance.

He planned on placing her there and then returning to the doorway, to cover his any action his ally may take.

Assuming nothing bad happened as he touched her, anyway. Magic and all that.
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Dakmor Queen of Darkness (61834)
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Posted on 10/10 04:38
The mists surrounded her. They swirled and danced around her and all the things she had not seen in eons. She stood and clapped her hands to rhythms unheard in all her lonely years on this world...and she was happy.

A sudden jolt struck her between her shoulder blades and she fell forward...all music striking a horrid chord and she was back in the last world she remembered. And she remembered all of it as the mercenary touched her...and her eyes wept with all that had been lost.

Her eyes flew open and she stared up at the man that should have taken the seat.

''Do NOT let him sit...''

Flaying at the man she struggled to get free and gain her feet. He let her go and she fell to her knees. She fought her way upright and flung a hand out towards the throne as she cried ''Do NOT!''

The un-named man paused for a moment before continuing towards the throne, looking back over his shoulder.

The sorceress's gazed around the cave quickly, and sighting two that were hidden in the shadows, called out...

''For all of the worlds me NOW!''

Her staff appeared suddenly in one hand, and the other held a flame that she drew back, ready to launch at the man almost on the throne.

She murmured softly ''If you ever loved me, now is the time to help me save all that we have ever loved...'' and she drew the flame back, ready to launch.

A rumble sounded. Soft at first, but growing ever louder. It seemed that time was suspended as the rumble grew into a roar, and light from outside the cave seared the sight of all inside.
Kasumi Ryuuhiko (51292)
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Posted on 10/10 21:44
I watched wearily as the one man walked towards the chair, and the other ran to the aid of the recently re-appeared sorceress.

As the man walked on, drawing ever nearer to the throne the sorceress suddenly screamed out, catching the attention of all in the chamber. She stumbled to her feet, grasping at the air in front of her. The mercenary moved out of the way, obviously fearful of the woman, who moments later collapsed to her knees, moments later she yelled out, not towards the man, but towards myself, a mere stranger.

''For all of the worlds me NOW!''

It was then that I recalled that at the very least she could sense a type of magic, however weak, strange or otherwise apparent. I watched as only a moment later a magical staff appeared, along with a flame.

It seemed as if this woman was willing to kill the man just to keep him from that seat, a seat nearly as old as myself... But of what it was for I knew not. Before she could throw the flame, and at the same exact time as a loud noise, and a bright light began to appear I moved into action.

As the light grow stronger I became more noticed, and in the span of a few seconds I drew nearly one hundred runes, of ancient origin, which caused a bound spell of protection to attach to the man. Moments later the world went white...

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In memorial of Nikki (41428), a great friend, you are sorely missed

In a quantum universe, magic is not the exception but the rule.

Magic is real, if we could pause for but a brief moment and allow ourselves to step outside of of our world of explanations and science, and into the inexplicable, we would find we could fly, we could live, we could breath...magic is real if you let it be and believe.
¤ James 28 (31209)
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Posted on 10/11 01:23
The looked over his shoulder at the people trying to stop him. He could feel their magics trying to hold him, stop him. He knew what the chair was for. from what he heard earlier, so did the sorceress. So why stop him?

The runic barrier spell, the light, and the flame where sucked towards the mystical warp in the cave. The man could see the flux of magic as if he stood at the center of a whirl-pool. Yet he did not absorb it all. It stopped several feet away and simply moved in a circle around him, as if he were surrounded by a bubble.
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«Ì¤Á»«Radical Raxuss» (39777)
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Posted on 10/11 07:18
Too Much, Too Fast
The mercenary's senses were bombarded and overwhelmed. He dropped the sorceress as magic flowed through her. His pocket vibrated violently as she fell. Moments later, the stranger cast his own magic; toward the charge he asked him to protect.

All because his ally approached the chair.

It was simply too much for his body. He fell to the floor on his knees, suffering from the amount of energy that was coursing through the room. That was coursing through him.

He struggled to reach into his pocket. He did and found the ring he had worn earlier. He put it on and the world was darkened. The magic still flowed, but it was less. Like as if through a thicker, slower medium. The light in the cavern lessened; as if a pall of darkness fell over it all.

"Thank the heavens I never sold that thing..." he murmured to himself as he stood and retrieved his dropped blade once again. Then he took about one second to review his options:

Protect or stop his self-appointed charge. That's about it.

Well, so far the man has had nothing but magic cast at him. And he, himself, looked to be a...well. Or a sink or an absorber or something. He figured magic didn't affect him after so many instances where it should, but just for what reason the mercenary never could actually figure out.

The mercenary decided that his word was more important than the worries of witches and the actions of strangers.

The man would see his amnesia fixed, the sorceress would not harm him, and the stranger obviously didn't feel like helping anymore. Looks like it was them two against two mages. As the mercenary, admittedly, kind of figured would happen in the first place.

He ran toward his ally, wanting to retrieve his crossbow and end the threats in the cavern. Or, at the very least, intercept any fatal blow to the man.
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Kasumi Ryuuhiko (51292)
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Posted on 10/11 14:47
Just so its apparent, my spell was actually a protection spell.

I watched as the world, in this bright white light dove into chaos. First my spell was effortlessly cast aside from the man, fallowed by the sorceresses. I watched as my spell instead surrounded the chair, as if the chair had decided to take control of it to protect itself. Almost as if the chair had its own identity, and was indeed living... Perhaps, like myself, something far older than this world remembers, living on in disguise.. Finding a way to continue life after the massacres so many centuries ago.

The mercenary was stunned by the light, but unlike the others he recovered very quickly, "too quickly for a normal man." I thought to myself as I watched him rush towards the mans side, weapons brandished towards what he assumed were his foes. If only he knew two things. The first being that I was not here to harm him, and the second being that his weapons would most likely not harm me.

I glanced across my shoulder to the sorceress, as she was once more attempting to regain her feet, I decided that for now, I should let things play out with the two men, if nothing else they might unlock the secrets of this chair for me. With that decision made I rushed to the side of the woman, and extended my hand to her, offering to help her.

No one in this room knew what chance I was taking with this action. If this sorceress in all her power touched me, there was a chance, however remote, that she might see what I truly was, and then all might be lost, for both myself, and for her quest. However she might also choose to keep this secret..

it was a chance I was willing to risk to keep this chair from touching the wrong people first....

In memorial of Nikki (41428), a great friend, you are sorely missed

In a quantum universe, magic is not the exception but the rule.

Magic is real, if we could pause for but a brief moment and allow ourselves to step outside of of our world of explanations and science, and into the inexplicable, we would find we could fly, we could live, we could breath...magic is real if you let it be and believe.
«Ì¤Á»«Radical Raxuss» (39777)
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Posted on 10/12 22:38
Just Wanted A Place to Stay
The mercenary kept glancing at the two mages as he sprinted forward. Side-stepping any visible magical effects, the ran through all sorts of energy that made his pockets heat up, cool down, and pretty much make him think half of the stuff he could've used or sold is now ruined. And it wasn't much to work with to begin with!

It's not too late. End them. We'll help if you end them.

"SO not in the mood for you!" the mercenary yelled, reaching the center of all the magic. It swirled around his ally, as he steadily and surely approached the chair.

We could help him, to-

I want you to shut up., the mercenary said in his own mind. At least, he thought he did. He thought he thought at the voice. Whoever the voice was. Probably that other power that would screw them over just as much as the sorceress and her allies were willing to.

He hated magic.

He stood just outside of the magic and asked his ally politely, "Could you toss me that crossbow?" He pointed to the weapon he had given him earlier; the sword was dropped, but he still held the crossbow. It was the only enchanted weapon the mercenary had at the moment. He could try and use some other tricks, but those would not help at all, save escaping the place. And since magic seemed to go around his friend, the mercenary would be the only one to make use of the illusions. And fighting anyone here with a sword was not even crossing his mind.
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Dakmor Queen of Darkness (61834)
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Posted on 10/13 23:20
Help him help me!
She glanced for a brief moment as the mercenary ran towards the un-named man, then turned her black eyes to the person offering her a hand.

In her despair she had spied the two figures wavering in and out of sight and called out to them, knowing they held the knowledge to let this mission be completed. One had saved her from eternity (and she was not sure if she was grateful or not quite yet). This one...the one with his hand held out...she did not have a clear sense as yet as to whether he was here to help or hinder. Her finer senses said 'Trust him...a limited amount' but then, her senses weren't quite honed at this point. The fading into almost a death state had taken a toll, but outside the cave her companion continued to snarl and blast magic into the stony room.

She snuffed out the fire in her hand, then reached tentatively towards the person offering her help. ''If you care for the worlds as I do...I accept your help. shall be cursed by the nine moons and seven suns.''

She held out her hand more firmly, waiting.

Movement from the center of the room near the throne took her attention and her hand wavered.
«Ì¤Á»«Radical Raxuss» (39777)
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Posted on 10/28 23:23
You're Lost, Pull Over and Ask for Directions
The mercenary held the crossbow steady, directed at the two mages at the center of the room.

"Alright. These are enchanted bolts; made specifically to go straight through any kind of magical and physical armor and shielding. Now, I don't know what you are all doing here, but it doesn't include me." He glanced at his ally, who stood idle and watched, then addressed the others again.

"I made a promise. This man lives. Sorceress, your enemies are outside defeated. Not destroyed, I'm sure. But beaten. You brought us here for the chair, telling us that one of us sits in it." He took a breath, keeping the crossbow steady.

"And when one of us tries to sit in it, you tell us to stop? What of your words? That one of us must do it?" The mercenary looked around at the swirling magic and continued, "I know you fancy us pawns, and that you need us for something because if you didn't, I doubt we'd be here, but pawns can't very well do your work if you tell us nothing. Sorceress, I already chose a side and that's yours. Now quickly get this over with so I don't have to be around any of you any longer." The mercenary tightened his grip on the crossbow.

"What, exactly, needs done here?"
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Dakmor Queen of Darkness (61834)
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Posted on 12/14 05:49
The two images faded...
and the sorceress dropped her hand.

She fell back to all fours with her head drooping between her shoulders. Tears dripped onto the cavern floor from her eyes and she slumped to the floor.

She lay sobbing quietly for a few moments, then her body quivered.

She raised her head, then slowly crawled back upright. Flinging her hair back from her face, she wiped moisture from her face with the back of her hand.

''I shall TELL you what needs to be done!'' she stated quite clearly.

''YOU!'' she said quite vehemently to the mercenary who had fought her every step of her righteous path. ''YOU shall drag that poor besotted fool away from the throne. YOU shall then stand over the throne until the ninth moon rises over that horizon'' she exclaimed flinging her hand towards the north. ''And then YOU shall sit yourself onto that throne and claim what has always been your right! Do you understand me?'' she asked in a deadly tone.

Moving her hand to the east, she pointed to where the to images had appeared to her. ''IF you have an issue with this, you better state it now or know the fires of destruction.''

Her other hand pointed at the poor lost soul who thought he had some power as he lay on the floor. ''IF you even think about rising, you had best be prepared for death by flame,'' she said with solid conviction.

Outside the cave entrance flames flared and a roar that deafened all but her roiled over all within many meters.

''Am I understood??'' she asked whilst glaring about her with a fury few had seen.
«Ì¤Á»«Radical Raxuss» (39777)
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Posted on 12/18 19:11
Straight Forward
You will claim nothing but death here. Let him sit; his memory will be restored.

The mercenary ignored the voice in his head again as he unceremoniously dragged his ally away from the chair. The magic followed with him, swirling all about the room, sparking and glowing as the different spells continued to clash.

"See Sorceress, this makes everything easier," the mercenary said. "Clear, concise directions. Perfectly understood."

He apologized to his friend when he came to the wall and had him stay there. He seemed...out of it. But he did not try for the chair immediately, so that was good.

With his ally out of the way, and his eyes stuck on the Sorceress and the other mage to make sure they did not harm his ally (not without a bolt headed in their direction, anyway), he walked through all that swirling magic, ring vibrating heavily on his hand. His world was dark, his mind was exhausted, and his optimism was thin.

He just wanted this to be over.

He stood over the chair. Then he recalled what he needed to do and mumbled, "Ninth moon over the horizon...wait. Nine days? Or...maybe a spell?" He turned to look at the Sorceress, questions written all over his face. But only one left his mouth.

"So, how long do I have to stand here?"

Until she kills you, gullible fool.

"Shut up, no one asked you!" he yelled, closing his eyes in a small gesture of exhaustion. With his eyes still closed he said again, quieter, "Sorceress, when's this ninth moon? Hopefully -not- in nine days? Because, if it's in nine days...." he trailed off, letting her know that things would change if it's in nine days.
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Posted on 02/01 04:12
The ninth moon...
She stayed on all fours, tears dripping down her cheeks.

Slowly she looked up at the mercenary, seeing what no one else in the chamber could see. It gave her strength, and she slowly rose to her feet.

She shuddered slightly as the effects of magic strummed through her from so many different sources.

''The ninth moon. Have you not been watching, good sir, the last few moon rises? TONIGHT is the ninth moon to rise in full. Yes, it defies all normal moon rises...but tonight IS to be the ninth night that a full moon rises. I know it makes no sense...but thus is the magic being brought to bear upon this sad world. You have but a few hours to wait. Will you do this to save your world and all others?''

She stopped abruptly and spun towards the dark shadows in the depths of the cave.

''Come forward you cowards and face your match!'' she screamed as she gathered her waning strength to fling magic.

''I SHALL protect this savior even at the cost of my own life so come NOW!'' she flung in a screech towards that corner of the cave.

She crouched down...and waited with hands outstretched as if to ward off incoming objects.
«Ì¤Á»«Radical Raxuss» (39777)
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Posted on 02/01 17:04
I Hear Dread People
"Okay...yes, I can wait a few hours." the mercenary responded, sighing his relief. He probably would have waited here for a long time anyway, considering that he had no idea what to expect if he left the cave.

That and his ally needed him. He he did, in fact, promise.

The mercenary's relief was interrupted when the sorceress started yelling toward the back of the cave. He brought his crossbow up again toward the direction of interest and readied himself to face whatever would come out of the darkness. With magical bolts of kill-you-dead.

You doom yourself and your world trusting this witch, the voice whispered menacingly.

Drop the act, she hasn't invaded my mind like you have, entity. After I'm done here, and I get my ally to safety, I'm going to find you next, the mercenary thought flatly. He really did dislike magic. Like what this thing was doing.

Pathetic little worm. Your ignorant actions shame your entire race and will leave scars upon this world even after the future overlords and conquerors are dead and gone. You will be remembered in infamy for the rest of existence, the voice snarled back, full of hate.

The mercenary did not respond, focusing himself at the task at hand.

...Almost focused. He was definitely thinking about how much that voice in his head was going down after this. Well, not the voice itself, but whatever made the voice in his head.

And he was tired. Very little sleep over the past few days. Nothing a long sleep couldn't fix after a few hours. Unless that voice persisted, then there would be a problem.

The mercenary pondered these things as his crossbow pointed into the depths of the cavern.
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TheDarkSorceressDakmor (61834)
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Posted on 02/04 04:07
Silence...what a wonderful times
As she crouched there, she heard for the first time in a long time...nothing.

She picked up a small stone and tossed it towards the shadows. She heard the sound it made when it hit. ' I am not deaf' she thought. Pondering this, she turned her eyes quickly to the mercenary. He had drawn his crossbow, pointing it towards she saw those glimmering shadows.

'How peaceful it would be if not for...' she thought something from whin the shadows moved quickly towards the throne and the mercenary.

'Beware' she cried out as the silence shattered. Large thuds came from around the throne area and yet she kept her focus on the dark shadows for those had not moved forward as much as cast something in that direction.

''Enough!'' she bellowed as she grabbed at the staff that suddenly appeared at her side and went swinging into the darkness, shrieking all kinds of strange sounds (probably curses).

''Look to yourself and beware!!'' were the last words uttered before she disappeared into the black at the back of the cave and the sounds of fighting overtook the silent night.

«Ì¤Á»«Radical Raxuss» (39777)
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Posted on 02/04 20:18
Seriously though, Beware
The mercenary nearly laughed at the sight of the over-dramatic sorceress as she ran shrieking and swinging into the darkness.

It's not suppose to be funny, he knew that. But it was just the way she did it. You had to be there at his angle.

His smirk was promptly wiped off his face when something grabbed his crossbow. No longer amused, the mercenary turned to see who dared touch his weapon.

It's face was definitely human, but its lower jaw was completely missing. No tongue to speak of, but all the teeth in the remaining upper jaw were the most ridiculously long and sharp teeth the mercenary has seen to date, growing out much farther than the lower jaw would've allowed. Its eyes were gone, its nose was mutilated, and the remnants of hair were wispy and gray. Blood ran down from its eye sockets and where its nose was suppose to be.

And it was inches away from the mercenary's face, its fetid breath threatening to suffocate him. How he didn't notice that thing until now would be a mystery. For now, it was time to panic.

Screaming in abject terror at the sight of the monster, the mercenary ripped the crossbow away, bringing his elbows to smash the thing's face as he did so, his leather ripping as he brought it across the sharp teeth. The creature let go of the crossbow, flinching back at the strike. Wanting as much space between the thing and himself as possible, the mercenary sprinted toward the entrance of the cave, stopping a few meters away to shakily bring his crossbow to bear. As he aimed down the weapon, he got a good view of the rest of the horror.

It was on all fours, bending its hands and legs in ways that just shouldn't happen. It scurried with a great speed as a spider would, easily covering the distance between them, its bones and tendons cracking and tearing audibly as it did so. Shreds of clothes and bleeding wounds covered the thing, but the most notable accessories were the manacles with bits of chains around both feet and both hands.

The mercenary fired his crossbow, but the bolt did not disperse the creature. Lodging into the thing's leg, the bolt went completely unnoticed.

It wasn't an undead or conjuration. This thing was alive.

I think you should beware, jeered the voice.

The mercenary barely had enough time to realize his sword was gone before the horror jumped for his throat.

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She lunged into the first shadow
and was rewarded with a resounding grunt of pain.

''Good! I am not yet totally crazy'' she thought as she whipped around to the second shadow.

A darker shadow whipped out at her and she screamed into her throat as she dropped her staff. Her arm was broken and hanging limp at her side...all from a 'shadow'.

''I have had enough of your interference'' she growled as her healthy hand grasped a hidden willow wand. ''Let us see what you make of THIS!''

The willow wand whipped back and forth but once when her power erupted from the end of it, thrusting the shadow into the cave wall.

''And once for good measure'' she muttered as she whipped the wand back and forth once more, ensuring that the shadow was permanently melded to the cave wall.

The Sorceress turned with wand in hand, her other arm dangling at her side. She saw the opponent the mercenary faced.

''Oh no...''she whimpered with despair. ''It has come....''

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Posted on 02/07 21:01
Killing Doesn`t Work That Way With Demons
The mercenary side-stepped as the thing flailed past, just barely missing him. It's head bent at such a grotesque angle, the long, sharp teeth would've skewered him on the spot.

Not pausing to look at the monstrosity, the mercenary sprinted again toward the throne where his ally had dropped his sword earlier. It wasn't a few seconds afterward that he heard the cracking and skittering of the creature behind him. He set down the crossbow (not dropping it, that thing was valuable!) and quickly swiped his sword up from the ground.

He spun and blindly brought his blade up in a vicious uppercut. The mercenary had guessed correctly; the blade made contact right between the horror's long teeth as it stooped to attack again.

The sword split the creature's head in half. Still attached to the body by the neck, the two pieces of head fell to either side of the head, as if there was no structural support at the base. It made the thing look even more hideous than it had, if that was possible. The creature came to a complete halt and fell limp.

Congratulations, mortal. No a scratch on you, save your elbow. Well done! came the mocking voice once again. The mercenary didn't answer, feeling himself weaken. He turned and looked around the room; the magic was mostly gone around the throne. No such dangers remained, so he pulled his magic ring off.

The world lightened and senses were amplified. No longer under a cloud of protection, the mercenary felt worse than ever. But it was better to feel horrible than it was to realize too late that death was near, thanks to the dampening effects of his ring.

"That was horrible. The...blast was that thing?" the mercenary droned to himself, his energy spent. All that sprinting and forgetting his ring was on...stupid mistakes like that get men like him killed. He walked away from the horrible corpse and fell to a sitting position near the only furniture in the room, breathing heavily.

Was, little mortal? the voice chuckled condescendingly. Get back up before you die, you insignificant moron. I need your blood in your veins, for now.

Taking the hint, the mercenary stood up (with more effort than it should have taken) and turned back to his defeated enemy.

It faced him on all fours, each socket on the side of its head staring in whatever direction the flapping chunks of meat waved in at its slight movements. But the body was facing the mercenary, that the mercenary could not doubt. It's teeth were useless, hanging on its neck like that. It was where he had left it, albeit not looking very dead.

The monster fell to its elbows and stretched itself out similar to a cat; reaching far with its arms, while arching its back up high.

As it did so, two sharp appendages burst from it back with the wettest, nastiest sound ever. The muscles of the back were revealed then, as were the bones. The appendages were apparently made of both, though more bone than muscle. Some sick mutation only suffered in the realms beyond this one. They arched over the back, connecting to where the spine was in the center of the body. They dripped blood and their tips looked pretty sharp. Across the bottom curve of the appendages, the bone was bladed. They were made up of at least five segments, easily discernible from where one could see where the muscles held up the bone. They were easily four feet long.

The creature then began to walk toward the mercenary in no hurry at all, pieces of head bobbing ridiculously on an otherwise terrifying creature.

The mercenary stumbled back to get behind the throne and yelled, "Sorceress!"

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It will not happen on my watch!
The mercenary stumbled behind the throne as the creature hastened towards himm with claws coming from every part of its hideous body. The mercenary cried out to her ''Sorceress''.

Clawing her way up on the side of the cave, she heard the cry and forced her energy into her physical body.

Standing up and pivoting quickly, she realized the danger to the 'one'. Flinging both hands in front of her, she howled the words of enchantment rather than murmuring them, thus lending them more strength.

Flinging the words towards the creature, her hands resolved into a convoluted pattern that none that were not schooled in her magic would understand and finalized the pattern with a small slap of hands together. It was so quiet that none heard it but her and the creature.

It whipped around, stunned, and did not have time to respond before the powers the sorceress had called hit it full force.

A flash of light, a burst of noise....and the creature was gone.

Standing only by holding to the side of the structure was the Sorceress able to gaze upon the 'one' and say ' is the time.''
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It Was Exactly Like Magic
It was the time.

The unnamed mercenary had passed the test. He swore to care for an unknown man out of kindness. He chose the slightly lighter shade of grey for what he thought as the best for the world. He survived waves of physical and magical threats.

Lastly, he never forsook his allies on the whims of an unknown voice in his head. Granted it was out of stubbornness more than anything, but he still didn't and that counted.

The knowledge was passed onto him. He knew what must be done.

"Sorcere- err, I mean, Guardian. Thanks." the mercenary said softly in the new silence. "I figured it out. The Powers thank you for your assistance. Even known you didn't need to, but you did anyway."

He smiled and looked over the room. So colorful. He pointed at the swirling magic; it came toward him in a hurricane of colors. As they neared him, they were seemingly sucked into his pointing finger. After the colors vanished into his finger he spun quickly and grinned. The concentrated magical swirl of colors fired at the Sorceress and began swirling around her.

"That, Guardian, should replenish what you lost. Or at least most of it. The Powers will reward you as promised; that was a personal thank you." The mercenary sighed and took off his weapons, letting them clatter to the ground, hilts, holders, and all. He sat upon the throne and traced his family signs on the arms of the seat with his fingers, leaving glowing runes where he traced.

"Alright. Before I go, I would really like you to take care of that guy." He raised his eyebrows and pointedly looked over at the mysterious man he left in the corner. " I DID make a promise. Clearly more important matters, but...yeah, I really need to get on this." The mercenary closed his eyes and murmured words of power under his breath.

His figure began to turn to stone. Starting from the legs and upward.

"Okay, quickly; this seal will last for another thousand years, EXACTLY. Next time, don't be late. Darkness will fall over the world twenty-four days before the time as a reminder. Next Chosen One will be female of thirteen years of age and will travel here, just as I did. Merchant company." The mercenary spoke quickly, trying to get everything out. The stone had reached his neck already.

"Did I get everything? I think I got everything. Okay, Guardian. Farewell and goodnight," the mercenary said.

"Wait! And you should watch out for th-" His eyes went wide when his words no longer formed.

The stone decided to accelerate the process at that last instance that might put the Guardian in an infinitely large amount of danger because it felt like it.

The seal was completed. The stone throne once again had an occupant. The Mercenary's soul would last a thousand years as the lock to the door that held back the tide.
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The sorceress flung herself towards the throne and threw her arms towards the heavens as she knelt before the throne.

''Nooooooo!!'' she screamed again as she tried to grasp part of the body that had been there but was now stone. She looked up at the stone face, then gripped the stone that had been a leg and repeatedly threw her forehead against the stone, trying to break the seal with her bloodied forehead.

At last she fell onto the stone feet, unconscious.

Her dreams were nightmares of what she had done wrong and where she had strayed. She shivered and whimpered at the visions in her dreams but never let go of the small hold she had on one booted stone foot.

At last there was silence and stillness in the cave.

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