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Sir Vale (56464)
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Posted on 03/12 00:42
The fields of amber colored grain swayed back and forth in the gentle wind. The farmers gathered their tools for another day of work and prepared as they normally did. The sky, bright with light clouds moving ever so slowly in the wind hanged overhead. Today was a good day thought Joshua a local farmer as he put on his boots and got ready for the harvest. But sadly he would not see the end of today or anymore days for that matter as in the next second his neck was snapped with such brutality his head was spun straight from his neck. The other farmers paid no heed as none saw anything. This would be their undoing because by the end of the next hour all 30 were dead and their village aflame. The beast had struck once again.

Welcome to Beast a world of magic,swords, politics and romance. The being known simply as the Beast is a malevolent force none have been able to stop. In this world there are 3 main races. The humans who are the most abundant, the dwarves who are the hardiest and most resilient and the elves who are the fairest and most agile and dexterous. They are many other races who dwell here but they command not the presence these 3 do. The lands of grains and long meadows and winding woods Heriout(humans),the tall trees and forest spirits along with their mighty wooden hides is the land Tolkien(elves) and the mountainous lands of rock and stone lay Rockir(dwarves). Other races include goblins and orc,vampires who lay claim to a small but powerful country(Transvilia) and the dead who reign supreme in the south.

None have been to identify it or catch it let alone kill it. Some say its just a myth, others a group of assassin's who murder for fun. But its been agreed upon no matter what you believe something was wrong here,some being or beings of evil. Some have attempted to catch it but all have failed and died. Many bounties and prizes are offered for this beasts head but none have managed to make there claims.

In this world the Beast is the instrument of fear and many seek to stop it. But for what reason does this monster do such damage and reek chaos? Join in the quest to find out in the world of The Beast....

OOC:To make a character i use a simple formula i use in all my rpgs for my setting up this one will be a tad different heres my characters data and follow it to make one of your own.

Name(title included such as lord or baron): Ifrit
Height:6'5 feet
Weight:268 pounds
Profession:Spirit summoner/Warrior
Weapons:Two long bastard swords with silver and runes lined in the blade and hilts. On his back he carries a long razor sharp steel dai-katana(think 6 foot long katana or longer in this case a 7 foot one)
Armor:Heavy steel armor with a dragon face plate helmet.Wears a long cape for the wind and to cover his body helping keep his race a mystery.
Abilities:Able to summon spirits to boost his power or shield him from attacks only to a certain degree.Expert in close combat and hand to hand combat along with archery(but not to the same level as his close combat skills).
Magic(s):Spirit summoning
Description: A mysterious warrior known for his hermit like ways and his habit to always be fully armored so his true face or race does not be revealed. Has been spotted in nearly every major battle in the last 50 years and known for his calm demeanor and smooth voice his battle presence is always a plus. He has yet to swear to any of the lords of any land and is known to vanish as soon as he appears. His reasoning is also a mystery due to his habits of keeping to himself.

Well hope this gets started soon im hoping for at least 3 people to join before starting thank you for reading and hope to see responses soon.

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«Ě¤Á»Shroom~SA (79033)
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Posted on 07/04 02:57
guessing this is never gona start then or what??
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Dante/Zidane/Tim BURN!! (40340)
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Posted on 07/09 00:10
GO AWAY Zidane (79033)
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Posted on 07/09 00:10
no i will start it
im gone promote KoN


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«Ě¤Á»Takehikel Takeshiel (71486)
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Posted on 07/14 17:00
Name: Lord Stieg

Sex: Male

age: 132

height: 3"8'

weight: 140 pounds

Race: Dwarve

species : Rockir?

Proffession: Warrior lord of house Rockbottom.

Weapons: Larges obsidian war Hammer of the of midnight black. A fine pair a piercingly sharp obsidian daggers, and his 3 foot tall double sided obsidian battle axe.

Armor: None. Believes that armor is for the weak.

Description: Head of the Rockbottom family, Stieg, has lived many a year , being feared for his cruelty in battle. And for the punishments his dishes out for crimes brought forth too him on his own lands.

Long lost son to the Infamous Takehiko Takeshi (21777).
~Scourge of the 7 seas!
Ruler of the All Mighty Ninjitty Confederation.
Faithful General of the Celestial Brotherhood!
Legendary member of the Fabled ~SA~.

Now a lovely lone wolf of the seas...
«Ě¤Á» «Romulan Raxuss» (39777)
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Posted on 07/15 03:45
Name: Vaelen Reath

Sex: Male

Age: 120

Height: 6' 8"

Weight: 130 pounds

Race: Elf

Species: High Elven

Profession: Elemental Mage Journeyman

Weapons: An enchanted staff, a spellbook, and several miscellenous scrolls.

Armor: Spell-amplifying robes, gloves, boots, and a fancy hat that only he knows what it does.

Description: An elven Journeyman, Vaelen has spent his first sixty years in the College of Mages. Specialized in the aspect of Fire, he has completed all the training available at his college. He must now travel to the neighboring kingdoms of Rockir and Heriout to learn as much as he can from the other races.

Arrogant, racist, and wielding a massive superiority complex (even for elves), the Council sees this as an opportunity for Vaelen to learn some humility; though they worry. Despite the magic resistence of the Dwarves and the sheer resourcefulness of Humanity, the Council fears that they may need to soon compensate for deaths and structural damages as a result of Vaelen's actions.

There's also the Beast. It's attracted to magic and only the Elvish Race's advanced knowledge of it keeps their Kingdom seemingly devoid of any magical trace at all, despite using it constantly. But Vaelen is leaving the magical barrier....
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«Ě¤Á»~SA (79033)
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Posted on 07/15 14:01
Name: Dreagor Battlehammer

Sex: Male





Profession: Mercenary

Weapons: A worn battle hardened scimitar infused with the power of the winds a set of throwing axes which has yet to ever miss there mark and a old rusty dirk the hilt filled with a poisin that seaps through the blade when it touches blood

Armour: a set of leather armour nothing special except the his boots which allow him to leap distances up to 20 feet

Description: looks tatered with dirty brown hair and a scraggly beard his face covered in scars and his eyes as black as the night
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«Ě¤Á» «Romulan Raxuss» (39777)
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Posted on 07/18 03:26
So you wanna go, or what? I'm all for starting this thing.
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Join«Ě¤Á»or fear the~SA (79033)
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Posted on 07/20 20:22
Delving deeper and deeper into the forests searching for anykind of food constantly on the hunt he has been out of provisions for nearly a week now he trips on an overgrown tree root and stumbles apon a small path

"hmm now what in forge is this doing out here*

Deciding to follow it to see were it leads he comes apun a small ramshackled building tearing off the wood planks naling the door shut he opens it to discover......nothing absolutly nothing but then from nowere a large Roar he quickly turns around to see a 10 ft bear covered in scars looming above him and swings its huge paw with 7 inch claws dreagor quickly rolls out of the way

"Haha lets go you furry little teddy you"

Dreagor runs at the bear dodging its strikes and jumps onto his back and then pulls out one of his throwing axes and plunges it deep within its skull and in a delight he yells out

"Ha this will feed me for a week!!! and ill get a nice fur from this one as well"

petting its dark black fur he drags it into the little shack and begins the job of gutting skinning and cutting the meat while humming to himself

im gone promote KoN


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«Ě¤Á» «Romulan Raxuss» (39777)
Posts: 1472
Posted on 07/22 22:20
"This is the entrance to the world beyond. Are you ready, Journeyman?" whispered the old sage as Vaelen came to the end of his world.

He squinted out from the treeline, looking upon the rolling hills, the flat meadows, the shadow of the human borderfort of Klorth several miles to his east.

The Elven Woodlands of Tolkien dominated the northern part of the world. They streched across the entire north, from coast to coast. The Elven Race stayed to the lower woodland realms, where it was much warmer and full of life.

Vaelen let no emotion reach his face, though inwardly he was being torn apart. He hated the outside world and its barbaric ways; why should he venture forth to learn from them? What do they have that Vaelen couldn't find in his homeland?

Chaos, that's what. Fire is ever consuming and Vaelen knows how to control it. What he didn't know was the chaotic part of fire. He needed to know, lest he find himself in a position to be utterly consumed.

"When does the Ward's protection leave me, old one?" Vaelen said, still gazing into the distance at the fort; his first stop on his way to Humanity's Capital.

"Just a step more, Vaelen. Then you will be among us no more."

"Let the Council know that I'll be back with the Beast's head on a platter. It may not be quite recognizable, so be sure to indentification magic at the ready." Vaelen smirked as his prideful self stepped out of the treeline and began walking toward the fort.

"Oh! And tell my father-" Vaelen began, turning around. But the treeline was empty.

"Ah." Vaelen whsipered, quietly. He took a moment to pause, thinking about what may lay ahead. "I'll just tell him when I get back."

He continued onward over the countryside, the Sun just overhead.

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Nakeita (75598)
Posts: 1
Posted on 09/04 04:16
Name: Syreina
Sex: Female
Height:5'5 feet
Weight:116 pounds
Weapons: Dual Scimitars of elvish make of course.
Armor: Thin black leather, the shoulders decorated with raven's feathers.
Magic(s):Elemental Control
Description: She fled her hometown for reasons she refuses to tell anyone and lived her days hidden away in the wood. Constantly moving in fear of discovery, she had no true home or settlement. She taught herself basic magical elemental spells, for she had always been gifted in that area, but she had obtained her scimitars, Luna and Sol, and skills in that area before she fled. Now something in the wind is stirring, and she is leaving her wood. She has no idea why she is compelled to, but her senses haven't failed her yet. She is venturing out into the world of man . . .
«Ě¤Á» «Riddle Raxuss» (39777)
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Posted on 09/08 05:28
It's been months, since Vaelen left his homeland. Summer had left the world, giving way to Autumn.

In the Human capitol of Merth, Vaelen studied hard in the texts of the Imperial Archives. Ever since his arrival, he was quietly smuggled to and fro into the city; his magic could easily send ripples through the Essence of the World like water droplets in a pond.

The Beast was not Vaelen's only concern; recent Orc raids have led to an alliance with the nearby Dwarves in Rockir. This, in turn, led to an alliance between the Goblins and Orcs. For the past several weeks, skirmishes on the borders or Heriout between Men and Orc have led to several large scale battles. Battles that seem to lead to stalemates every time.

To the north east, the lands of Rockir fare far better. Ancient enemies to start, the Goblins and Dwarves wasted no time throwing their full forces at one another. The battles were awful and thousands of casualties soon stacked up between the two races. The Dwarves, through superior strategy, managed to win several key victories and oust the Goblins from their lands.

The situation now stood that a Dwarven host was to march upon the Orcish stronghold within the next few weeks. The Imperial Army of Humanity would bolster their force, and they would destroy the Orcish power in the region forever.

Vaelen was going to join them. He needed to practice using his fire.

For now, he read. He needed to learn tactical fighting; something he's completely unfamiliar with. First, theory and history lessons. Then go get experience.

These human lands aren't half bad.
Immortal Warrior

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