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Dan Kabrinski (4000)
Posted on 09/21 15:24
2. Contest Board Rules
All contests should have an end date no longer than 7 days from posting
Players sending entry fees in do not want to wait weeks on end for a return

You can run no more than 2 contests at one time
More then 2 may cause some confusion or lack of appropriate attention given to your contestants

Battle contests should have a daily post limit
To limit mass amounts of flooding that has occured, attacks should be limited to 1-5 per day and must be stated in the thread.

Amount of entry fees, prize and end date must be posted
This one is a given

The answers to any guessing/random contest need to be mailed to: Wedge (2735) OR TheDarkSorceressDakmor' (61834)to ensure contest integrity
This is done to ensure everyone knows you are running a clean game. We will edit your post to show it is legitimate, and we are not allowed to participate in any contests

The winner and prize payout must be posted by the contest owner upon completion
This lets us know the contest is complete. Plus we all like to see that someone won.

Any contest that is cancelled or not completed will require full reimbursement of any/all entry fees
Failure to comply with this rule will be considered an attempt to scam the contestants and will be turned over to the ACT team for resolution.

Violation of these board specific rules may result in the deletion of your thread and/or ACT involvement.

The game forum rules, which can be found..[Forum Rules]..on the link directly below the add to discussion tab, apply to all boards.

The moderator team is not responsible for information lost in deleted posts. All transactions between players are trackable by the ACT team. Please do not try to swindle, cheat or otherwise scam your fellow gamers. These rules are subject to change or additions, however prior notice will be given before implementation.

Good luck!
Thank you and Happy Posting!

~Moderator Team

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