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4. Contest Board Introduction
Dear givers, contestants and hosts of contests,

Welcome to the Contest and Giveaways board. This is where everyone can organise a contest or arrange a giveaway, adding their own spice to Knights of Noblemen!

The Moderator role in your contest
Right now, the Contest Board is not designated to me but to the Head Moderators. They'll be keeping an eye on how each contest is run and tidy up the board as needed.

If you would like to organise a contest which has any kind of guessing in it, like number guessing games, hangman or hints, you should mail either Seed (33437) or Wedge (2735) with the answer as you start up the contest. They will add a tag to your thread, showing that your contest is validated, as that makes your contest safe for participation.

As validators, the Head Mods will never participate in these kinds of contests, but they will work according to the Contest Board Rules, as should you.

Service and activity
If you are unsure whether or not your contest is ready to be run or if you need comments on your contest, you can always mail me or the Head Mods for an inside look.

Unfortunately, my own activity is not so great during the Summer, so first try asking the Head Mods.

Happy organising and playing!

Yours sincerely,

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