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50 Subscriber Days FleckerMan (555)
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Posted on 05/04 16:43
May Pole Closing Ceremony
Over the course of the May Day weekend, 2,516 Maypoles were gathered by 156 dedicated Nobles...

¤[Nomak XIII]¤ (59260) found the longest May Pole at 12' Ľ", congratulations to him and to his alliance, Advent Children of Chaos!

Special congratulations to L©Pamela (1233), L©-Dandin (35009), L© Seed (33437), ]KřË[Drazen (53184), {C+ß}*tooskilled4u~SA (22797) and ‡©Rylan Silverfox‡ (42730) who all found a great deal of May Poles, but were inadvertantly affected by a bug that let them use more travel time than was intended, so cannot fairly be compared to others... Well done for their dedication to the task, for The Last Castle, Knights of Echelon, Celestial Brotherhood and The Crusaders!

L©- Raherne .: (35966) and ‡©Fresh_Angel‡ (48458) both discovered 42 promising May Poles... for The Last Castle and The Crusaders. And in third place, )~MP~( sirpeter (60817) found 39 for Monty Python!

Ignoring the 6 players excluded due to the bug, the alliances to collect the total longest May pole collection, was The Last Castle of 3/4 of a mile, with almost 1/2 a mile Knights of Echelon, and Monty Python with over a quarter mile of May poles, 1378' 8ľ", well done!

And now - the best in alliance:

For those in no alliance, Karone (61923) gathered 24 May Poles... well done!

]†[ Bosshog (50423) for Knights Templar with 30 May Poles...
]KřË[ Bernard Mason (41684) for Knights of Echelon with 38 May Poles...
¤[Cloud Strife]¤ (63488) for Advent Children of Chaos with 29 May Poles...
*GOD* cobber (291) for The Gřds with 11 May Poles...
*(RE)* Tyranus (61215) for Roman Empire with 22 May Poles...
)~MP~( sirpeter (60817) for Monty Python with 39 May Poles...
{C+ß}BloodPlague (42003) for Celestial Brotherhood with 31 May Poles...
Strontum (46225) for Caste Of Assassins with 11 May Poles...
«Ě¤Á» *Fabius~SA (61933) for Immortal Army with 1 May Poles...
L©- Raherne .: (35966) for The Last Castle ]î|-|î[ with 42 May Poles...
«©»Adrian Incantis (59606) for Chronicles of Műthos with 22 May Poles...
(Â(/\)»Rancor«(/\)Â) (43434) for (Â(/\)»Army of the Warheads«(/\)Â) with 20 May Poles...
[B]Valadriel (23833) for Bushido with 21 May Poles...
‡©Fresh_Angel‡ (48458) for The Crusaders with 42 May Poles...
°†° Ages (47760) for Knights of Christ with 20 May Poles...
`/Jay Devalis-Kurita # (48715) for Clan Spirit Cat Sibko with 10 May Poles...
¤TS¤ GileZ ~SA (66556) for Tarrasque Slayers with 19 May Poles...
geek-eh (44293) for Heros Of KoN with 1 May Poles...
«×» Jimmstein «×» (19787) for Brothers in Arms with 6 May Poles...
°Ć°Lord Kratos°Ć° (23026) for Army of the Emblem with 32 May Poles...
Wedge (2735) for Phoenix Nest with 19 May Poles...
[*}CG{*51R N1KOLA5~SA] (40279) for Celestial Guardians with 2 May Poles...

Well done to all who took part! As a special bonus, all involved have been given Free PackPoints - One for every May Pole collected

Locked. Do not delete.

08/17 15:10: Edited by TheDarkSorceressDakmor (61834)
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‡©Rylan Silverfox‡ (42730)
Posted on 05/04 17:22
WooHoo!!! Thanks for the points!!!! Just out of curiosity, what would the length have been for the alliances with the players affected by the bug if they had not been?
4105 Subscriber Days L©- Raherne .: (35966)
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Posted on 05/04 17:31
Flog the heathens that tried to take my well deserved crown!

Thanks for the points and congratz to Fresh Angel too!

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L©-Dandin (35009)
Posted on 05/04 17:33
Nice suprise, Ben... Thanks lots
1 Subscriber Days Wedge (2735)
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Posted on 05/04 18:01
Congrats everyone

Thanks Ben :D
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¤TS¤ Ricolingo (43180)
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Posted on 05/04 19:30
Thanks Ben!!! that was a lot of fun! :D
*(RE)* AnakinCaley (30081)
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Posted on 05/04 20:03
Yeah congrats and thanks Ben
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{C+ß}*tooskilled4u~SA (22797)
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Posted on 05/04 20:21
thxs Ben, didnt know about the bug :S just spammed to explore
Congrats to the winners

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1 Subscriber Days ¤[Nomak XIII]¤ (59260)
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Posted on 05/04 21:04
Now you all know who has the longest here on KoN Thanks Ben and gratz^^
07-Jul-12 18:58 You have been accepted into the Alliance «Ěmmörtal¤Ármy»

Let's start over!:D
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[*}CG{*51R N1KOLA5~SA] (40279)
Posted on 05/04 22:15

Only two people in that list that collected less than me
¤TS¤ -=MongoMad=- (37440)
Posts: 228
Posted on 05/05 01:17
plz sir, may we have more?
the fun map games i mean, the packpoints were a lovely bonus
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[*}CG{*51R N1KOLA5~SA] (40279)
Posted on 05/05 01:32
°Ć°Zidane°Ć° (42148)
Posts: 0
Posted on 05/05 01:59
¤{Nomak XIII]¤ (59260) says:
Now you all know who has the longest here on KoN Thanks Ben and gratz^^

°†° Lady Paksenarian °†° (51315)
Posts: 2881
Posted on 05/05 15:37
°†° Ages (47760) for Knights of Christ with 20 May Poles...
Bless you Ages, and you will get a prize from the clan!!

Quite honestly, I did look, but I don't think I found any. But, thank you, cuz apparently I did find something! Found this in my news (Maybe I moved too fast, and didn't realize it? ):

[del] 05/04 16:43 You received 3 PackPoints for your collection of 3 May Poles!

Littlered bought you a White Rose Bouquet;Dark Destiny bought you Fluffy Unicorn Slippers&it says:Never can have too many fluffy unicorn slippers,& A violet kitten,To keep you company in your castle;Annette bought you an AppleJamTart &a Pink Rose Bouquet!Chris bought you a Fluffy Bunny,&a Unicorn Amulet4the bunny;Nikodemus bought you a Gold Necklace,is engraved: PAKSENARIAN;D®eadLo®d bought you a Valentines Day Scroll!The Valentines Day Scroll has written on it <3 ;FleckboughtU CarrotCake.
50 Subscriber Days FleckerMan (555)
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Posted on 05/05 18:20
Glad it was enjoyed! I'll definitely be adding more event-based 'mini-games' like this in the future...

It was a pleasure to reward those who took part with a few Pack Points,

Best Wishes,
"With all due respect, I'm about to say something incredibly disrespectful to you." --Doghouse Diaries

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