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Posted on 04/02 09:36
MOVED: 2. "Not a Bug" List
This is a list of things people have suggested are bugs, but which aren't, along with the reasons they exist and any solutions.


1. When selling minerals to chapman, it automatically enters the max you have to sell.
This is to save you time if you want to sell all you have, it is designed this way.

2. If you draw in Blackjack, the dealer automatically wins and you lose a token.
This is a feature of the chosen ruleset for blackjack, not just the in-game version.

3. The "edge" of the Forest ((10,10) at level 1, (50,50) at level 5 etc) is dependant on Noble Rank until level 15 where it hits (150,150) for everyone, but the creatures are always based on your Mercenaries rank.

4. Reply count in the forums don't count the initial post; it isn't a reply.

7. In order to have a hometown listed on your homepage, you need to have made a home in the map first.

8. There's a limit on the number of characters you can send in a mail, which is approximately 65,535.
This is a database limitation, not something changeable.

9. If you're using a "booster" option when battling, foresting, Jousting, mining, it is possible to go into negative values by "borrowing" an operation from the game.
This is intentional and so you don't have to lower the booster just to use up all your operations.

11. You can only vote once per day on the vote sites.
Their server day ends at a different time to ours, so if you don't get a vote link just check back later.

13. Spelling errors or general grammatical non-sense should be reported in their own thread at the top, entitled "3. Text Errors".

14. Problems with the vote sites themselves aren't something Ben can fix.
Just wait and try again later, maybe they'll have sorted themselves out.

17. I set my colour to "awesome pink" and it didn't work.
For a full list of supported colour names, visit this Thread. You could also use HexCodes.

18. Weird characters are showing up, or tiny words are at the end of a page.
You may need to change your browsers Encoding to Western (ISO-8859-1) for Knights of Noblemen. Try a search online if you are unsure how to change Encoding - it's just in your browser's menu somewhere.

21. In the library, you sometimes get a set of possible responses where it is not possible to gain Influence.
This is intentional - try to pick an answer that doesn't lose you anything instead

22. Forum posts in your alliance and the Non-game board don't count towards your postcount.

23. You can not level up from jousting.
It is designed that way. Successfully battling or taking a step in the forest will level you up and you won't have lost the excess NP.

24. Using Arena Herbalist is sending me heavily into the negative for gold.
This was intentionally set up this way, it's design was meant to give players a way to rapid battle without worrying about gold and manually healing. If you are in an alliance, do you have it set for alliance cover? To check this go to Hospital --> Arena Herbalist --> Continue --> Active Healing Y/N, Gold Source, Your Own Gold/Alliance Cover --> Save Changes

25. My name looks funny, not as I intended.
The programming script doesn't acknowledge all keyboard or ALT characters so if you're adding something funky to your name then chances are that's what's making your name to appear as something other than what you want it too. Examples are apostrophes, upper case brackets, percent signs, etc.

26.Votes not counting or getting logged out when voting when using FireFox.
Avoid clicking on the Knights of Noblemen link to get back to the game after confirming your vote. Voting doesn't need you to click back to our site, just to click on the link, then click to confirm. A security feature is to drop the session when you get sent back to the same site after leaving it - this is what's happening here.

27. While in "Explore the Map" I have received negative Travel time! | I can't cross the ocean! | I have no hometown!
This area is still under heavy construction. (Though is not an area being actively worked on at present as game priorities have changed).

08/19 10:50: Edited by ̤Ż Salvidrim' (66346)
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Posted on 06/13 14:23
I've deleted some things which were obsolete, but I am considering removing this whole thread, as many of these issues have only ever been reported once - in addition, players do not read floated threads before posting,

If people think there is useful information here, please highlight which parts you believe are useful, and I'll ensure they get moved to Known Issues in a separate section before removing this thread.

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Posted on 08/19 10:41
I suggest keeping it here (or somewhere, at least), even if just so I can copy the replies to reports that are known non-bugs.
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