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TheDarkSorceressDakmor (61834)
Posts: 3180
Posted on 10/31 05:17
Baseball World Series
Cubz Fan (54069)
Posts: 120
Posted on 11/03 21:06
I am a Happy Man!
May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't.
- General George Patton Jr
35 Subscriber Days ]KøË[ Wanda Lusst (53886)
Posts: 680
Posted on 11/03 21:59
Cubz Fan (54069) says:
I am a Happy Man!

I would have never guessed. CONGRATZ.
°†°Lady Batgirl°†° (51315)
Posts: 2881
Posted on 11/03 22:18
Paks is ALL 4 team spirit!! Go Team!
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4105 Subscriber Days Raherne :)) (35966)
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Posted on 11/05 16:09
Its sad as a Cardinals fan I wont be able to pick on the lovable losers from Chi-town any more...... Well until next year anyway

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funontherun (34717)
Posts: 73
Posted on 11/06 15:54
yea well as a cowboys fan I still have my failed rangers
484 Subscriber Days Morinehtar (30764)
Posts: 667
Posted on 11/08 23:01
A small aside (or perhaps a major tragedy) to the Cubz winning the "World Series" ending their 108 year drought:

Also at Solider Stadium in Chicago ... on Saturday the Irish National Rugby Team defeated the New Zealand All Blacks for the first time ever ... for the first time in 111 years!

The Irish were mighty, and thoroughly deserved to win. They played with commitment and passion that was lacking from the All Blacks game. They ended the All Blacks record run of 18 consecutive test victories.

The Irish are the only team that we're content (read - not distraught) losing too. On Monday I was wearing my Irish Rugby Jersey - not the green one, but the purple "away" jersey.

This Saturday the All Blacks play Italy, and the following Saturday we play the Irish again. What chance do Italy have of winning, or Ireland winning a second time?

If we do, New Zealand will plunge into a serious depressiom ... the darkness and gloom of Mordor will be like a summer holiday, with free beer!, in comparsion.

This is a strange sporting year - Leicester City won the English soccer comp, the Cubs have won and the Irish have won. What's next?

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funontherun (34717)
Posts: 73
Posted on 11/11 15:29
Maybe not much more this year(as most sports still going wont be done until next year) but there is a possibility of things happening again next year.

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