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Posted on 06/24 03:44
Critical Role - Twitch
If you enjoy D&D style gaming then every Thursday at 7 pm PST, Critical Role goes live on twitch. Give it a try!

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Paks (74097)
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Posted on 10/09 16:04
Never heard of it. Interesting.

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Posted on 10/09 18:28
2AM is unfortunately past my bedtime on a Thursday night But do love some D&D
°†° Lady Paks °†° (51315)
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Posted on 10/17 21:00
I used to play ....
With °†°Legend°†° (59512) my BFF Patty, & =DUKE PHELAN= ... been too long, can't copy & past the number, but that is how he wrote his name. We used to play D&D together, and with demons dancing on a paladin's sword, and our deitys were Narnian, it wasn't bad like some folks make out. It was good. & I miss playing with them. Don't think it would be the same online, but I will have more than enough to keep me busy as time goes on, so it's cool. For now, the memories are fine.
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Posted on 03/11 11:22
A while later...
Been at Critical Role for about 6 months, still only up to Episode 80 (currently listening to the demise of a green dragon), can't wait to catch up to the 2nd Season!
-Been playing D&D for a few months now, hard to get games when everyone works these days. Playing online is just not the same as a real life game, the story telling is just impossibly fun!

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