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L (40347)
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Posted on 11/17 17:38
Bob and Jim walk into a bar. Bob says, "Hey Donkeyboy, get me a drink." The bartender gets him a drink.

Bob says, "Donkeyboy, get me another drink." The bartender gets him another drink.

Finally, Jim asks the bartender, "Why does he call you Donkeyboy?"

"I don't know. Hehaw-hehaw-he always calls me that."
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TheDarkSorceressDakmor (61834)
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Posted on 11/21 04:04
I can't even think of a better one yay!
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Posted on 12/03 05:12
oh yeah... ..

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what if i told u that creeper was my dad
Lady Paks (51315)
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Posted on 10/18 02:04

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[Littlered] (34308)
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Posted on 03/11 11:23
Should I be concerned?..
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