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Baldric (22113)
Posted on 08/04 09:43
Attack credits for referring are applied later
When a new player you introduced reaches levle 4, how long does it take before you get your bonus attack credits ?

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]†[ LadyScents (4001)
Posts: 3359
Posted on 08/04 15:33
As long as they are not playing on same ip as you as soon as they can get posted.
Baldrick (22113)
Posted on 08/04 23:45
I introduced a friend from work. We both play from our own homes mainly but sometimes log-in from work (to answer Qotd etc). Does this count as same ip ?
How should it take generally to get the credits posted ?
3149 Subscriber Days ¤M¤ Phoenix (13653)
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Posted on 08/05 01:23
As soon as an Admin or Manager checks the list for credits to be applied. Generally no longer than 1-2 days.
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8 Subscriber Days ¤[Rhodan]¤ (12)
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Posted on 08/08 09:35
This would be a helpful thread about this new function, so I'm even floating it.

In general: many of the rewards for getting someone at NR 4 with your e-mail address will be applied manually, taking 1 or 2 days after they reached NR 4.

Thank you,
¤[Rhodan]¤ (12)
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