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455 Subscriber Days Morinehtar (30764)
Posts: 667
Posted on 03/26 01:33
Lord Wargrym is 200!
Congratulations to a man who has been here for 13 years ... and now celebrates reaching Level 200 ... only the 11th Noble to ever achieve this milestone.

Well done LW!

You travelled South.
You are currently at position (250,250)
The beasts around here have an average level of 802.
A Dragon [Level 1002.1] appeared and started attacking!
The judges saw!
4105 Subscriber Days Raherne :)) (35966)
Staff: Admin Staff
Posts: 4659
Posted on 03/26 03:01
Congratulations.. To think you was my mentor when I first joined Starwars!

22-Jul-12 06:01 New Owner (1233) has accepted your union request Love again <3

10/15 & 10/18 Annette (50959) has accepted your union request! They have decided to union you!

05/20 14:50 M Kitty (746) transfered leader status for Maylil'en to you! You are now the owner of this alliance!

08/17/07 01 You are now an Admin on the Knights of Noblemen Staff!
266 Subscriber Days -WildSpirit- (29149)
Posts: 8
Posted on 03/26 09:51
270 Subscriber Days AA Kandu (4070)
Posts: 1239
Posted on 03/26 17:52
congratulations !!

Be Yourself .... Everyone Else Is Taken
47 Subscriber Days AA Pamela (4115)
Staff: Admin Staff
Posts: 1890
Posted on 03/26 21:43

Not every flower can say love,but a rose did.Not every plant can survive thirst,but a cactus did.Not every dummy can read,but look at you go...

Sigh....should of ask...tsk

[del] 05-Jul-14 23:34 You defeated Carduelis (58400)! You and surviving Knights earned 109972 NP/EXP each!
[del] 05-Jul-14 23:34 You defeated Carduelis (58400)! You and surviving Knights earned 109972 NP/EXP each!
Larvin (40347)
Posts: 869
Posted on 03/27 00:36
Well done Lord Wargrym!
I like aristocracy. I like the beauty of aristocracy. I like the hierarchical feeling.~James Salter
Dan Kabrinski (75172)
Posts: 1
Posted on 03/27 04:31
Great work! Congratulations on reaching this achievement, all while helping others achieve theirs!!

1 Subscriber Days AA Wedge (2735)
Staff: Head Moderator Staff
Posts: 3076
Posted on 03/27 18:57
Congrats LW.

Not to derail this momentous achievement, but Dan?! lol Been ages man
Wedge put out a bowl of milk for the kitty!
Annette (50959) bought you a Cuddly Kitten!

Fabius is in my Sig
LFC <3's me

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116 Subscriber Days Lord Wargrym (43005)
Staff: Staff
Posts: 317
Posted on 03/28 14:55
Thanks everyone!!!
That will be hard to believe for most people Raherne!

We all help each other at Cheers and I have had quite a bit of help from Morinehtar as well as the rest of the Cheers Alliance.

Rank 200 and now in the Top Ten!

03/28 19:22: Edited by Lord Wargrym (43005)
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War Brewer/Owner of Cheers
6 Subscriber Days ]K[ Wanda Lusst (53886)
Posts: 680
Posted on 04/01 04:26

Z Elbeejay (33007)
Posts: 45
Posted on 06/01 17:34
C Elbeejay
Launcelot Tussaud (24737)
Posts: 16
Posted on 11/29 23:39
yo wargrym, nicely done dude.
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266 Subscriber Days -WildSpirit- (29149)
Posts: 8
Posted on 11/30 09:48
Congratulations Lord Wargrym

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