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47 Subscriber Days AA Pamela (4115)
Staff: Admin Staff
Posts: 1871
Posted on 12/02 14:54
Congrats Cheers
Alliance Name Level Members
(Active %) Owner Average Level Silver Tax Health Cover Accepting?
Cheers 75 14 (92.9%) Morinehtar (30764)
Lord Wargrym (43005)
funontherun (34717)
Cubz Fan (54069)
Dead Lod (42755)
-WildSpirit- (29149)
124.6 0% 100% Open
The Last Castle ]|-|[ 75 52 (19.2%) L- jean-claude (8496)
L_Anastasia (75110)
L Harlequn (42874)
L.Chaterase. (56365)
L-Duke Carl of Foix%% (32331)
46.8 1% 100% Openers
Not every flower can say love,but a rose did.Not every plant can survive thirst,but a cactus did.Not every dummy can read,but look at you go...

Sigh....should of ask...tsk

[del] 05-Jul-14 23:34 You defeated Carduelis (58400)! You and surviving Knights earned 109972 NP/EXP each!
[del] 05-Jul-14 23:34 You defeated Carduelis (58400)! You and surviving Knights earned 109972 NP/EXP each!
4 Subscriber Days Annette :D (1233)
Staff: Staff
Posts: 1801
Posted on 12/02 15:50
Congratulations, Cheers!

AA Pamela (4115) says:

Co-owner: L-Duke Carl of Foix%% (32331)

Funniest thing I've seen all day!


Utilitarian is the new sexy.

Love knows no limits
(but it does have a safeword)

4625 Subscriber Days Raherne :)) (35966)
Staff: Admin Staff
Posts: 4646
Posted on 12/02 18:48

22-Jul-12 06:01 New Owner (1233) has accepted your union request Love again <3

10/15 & 10/18 Annette (50959) has accepted your union request! They have decided to union you!

05/20 14:50 M Kitty (746) transfered leader status for Maylil'en to you! You are now the owner of this alliance!

08/17/07 01 You are now an Admin on the Knights of Noblemen Staff!
681 Subscriber Days Morinehtar (30764)
Posts: 656
Posted on 12/03 05:07
Thanks Guys ... this has been a long term goal of ours, and the result of a lot of our Nobles dedication.

You travelled South.
You are currently at position (250,250)
The beasts around here have an average level of 802.
A Dragon [Level 1002.1] appeared and started attacking!
The judges saw!
59 Subscriber Days funontherun (34717)
Posts: 72
Posted on 12/03 17:39
I'm glad we were finally able to achieve this major goal...I'm not exactly sure what our next one should be but we will figure it out.
29 Subscriber Days L-Duke Carl of Foix%% (32331)
Posts: 896
Posted on 12/04 08:12
For your perserverance...
...and due to our leader's passing, in his remembrance, it's been an honour competing.

~The Duke
Personal Pledge:
I, Carl, or formally, Carolus VIII; as Lord of the County of Foix in France, Leader of the minor Township of Woodcopse, and Herald of The Last Castle, is to defend this place as required by the local nobles of England.

~Duke Carl of Foix~ @
522 Subscriber Days ]K[ Wanda Lusst (53886)
Posts: 664
Posted on 12/22 23:54
congratz. very tough feat.

116 Subscriber Days Lord Wargrym (43005)
Staff: Staff
Posts: 307
Posted on 01/09 20:02
Thank you Everyone!
Especially Thanks to our Members and Morinehtar's dedication to the cause!
Clan List:
First Clan...Soldiers of Echelon
Co-Founder of Star Wars Clan
Founder of Star Wars, The New Beginning Clan
Owner/Member of The Roman Empire Clan
First Exalted Crusader of the Crusaders
Founder Legends of Camelot
First War Druid of the Druids Grove
War Brewer/Owner of Cheers

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