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5. Account Covering
Sometimes you canít log in to the game for a period of time, but donít want to waste Attacks or Endurance... Knights of Noblemen let you give someone else permission to cover your account for up to 2 weeks for this reason,

When doing so you should always change your password before and after, and only have someone trustworthy within the game community, or that you know personally cover your account. If you have any problems with someone covering your account, let us know and weíll do our best to sort them out and fix any damage they did, but donít be negligent with your login details!

There is no specific limit on how frequently you can have your account covered, but in general you should aim to play your account at least three quarters of the time, in the long run. Account covering shouldnít be used to have someone grow your character instead of you. E.g. only logging in to save up your attacks for someone else to use when they cover you again is not really playing!

Repeatedly covering someone every other week is not what the system is intended for. We can revoke this privilege at any time for any reason, if we think that fair play isnít being maintained or the system is being abused for one person to play multiple accounts.

Enjoy the game fairly, and take a break if you need one,

-KoN Staff
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