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6. Chat Rules
Chat is available to be used for role-play, making friends, chit-chat and friendly banter. However, there are some rules which should be followed:

When in chat you should conduct yourself in a polite manner, and be respectful of other players. English should be used.

Be aware of the rules in the [ KoN Rules & Etiquette ].

Included in there are the definitions and explanations for the following chat offenses:
     Flaming, slander & bullying
     Spamming and Flooding

Additionally, the following are regarded as offenses in chat.

Obscenity, Vulgarity, or any other inappropriate behaviour
This also includes anything that you post links for.
As this is a global game, open to people of all ages and backgrounds, players should be considerate and not post anything that may be considered offensive by some.

A current Question of the Day is not to be discussed in open chat or forum. If there are any queries, mail a QotD Moderator.
This is again to discourage people gaining an unfair advantage, whether by giving away an answer, or deceiving someone to click an incorrect answer, as there are rewards involved.

Any form of begging is not allowed. This includes:
• Begging for resources (gold, minerals, Gc, items)
• Begging for unions, or staff/alliance positions
This is to discourage some players getting an unfair advantage over those who have worked for their position in the game.

This includes:
• Advertising/recruiting for an alliance
• Advertising a trade in the trade board or market
• Advertising a commercial product or service
The Alliance Board is the proper place to advertise alliances, and the Trade Board for KoN trades. Anything that involves real money is not allowed, as the transaction cannot be overseen or guaranteed by KoN staff.

Encouraging other players to break the rules is also against the rules.

Chat and the Law
Chat should not be used for any illegal purposes.

If you have any queries about any of the above, please contact one of the Chat monitors.

Otherwise, please enjoy, and have fun in chat.
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