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4. ACT Mission Statement
ACT Mission Statement

The ACT are here to help ensure a fair, fun and just game for all the players, old and new, subbies and staff.

Their primary role is to help ensure players are familiar with the rules, and work with players who appear to have broken the rules to ensure it does not happen again.

They ensure that any unfair receipts from a breach of the rules are always removed, so that someone who has cheated never benefits from their actions and the motivation to cheat is removed.

They keep trades fair by responding to complaints where someone has been stolen from or "ripped off" in a trade or contest. Again, any unfair receipts in these instances are always removed and returned to rightful owners, so there is no motivation to engage in unfair trading practices again.

The ACT treat players with respect and do not presume guilt. They do their very best to be impartial and aim to only act on objective information, not personal feelings and emotions, even if they are shared by more than one member of the team. If an ACT is personally involved with any of the people involved in a case, it is handled by another ACT to help with this aim.

The Stocks

In rare cases, usually only where someone has performed a malicious action against another, or repeats past offenses, a punishment is required in order to help reinforce the message that such behaviour is not acceptable in our community. This usually consists of their account being thrown in the stocks for a number of days, from where they are unable to play the game or communicate with other players until their sentence is over.


Occasionally, mistakes are made, and we want to ensure fairness on the rare occurance that this happens. If a player's account is thrown in the stocks, they can appeal this action by contacting the email address shown to them when they login. Another person cannot appeal directly on their behalf, but are welcome to provide additional information pertinent to the case if they wish, this should be sent to the Head ACT by messenger. Note that no responses beyond a recognition of receipt will be given, and for privacy reasons a player's case will not be discussed with anyone except them.

In some situations, a player may be sent a warning by mail about various behaviour to avoid. warnings should not be considered a punishment, or an accusation, even if they may seem so at times. They are merely a notification for the players own benefit, and as such it makes no sense to appeal such a service to the player.

If a player feels a situation wasn't responded to fairly and justly, they are welcome to highlight perceived problems and suggest constructive improvements. This can be done by messaging, in the first instance, one or all of the Head ACT. Only if a satisfactory responce is not received, should FleckerMan be contacted. Players are encouraged to be understanding, non-combative and professional in their approach, in order to help ensure there concerns are dealt with objectively.

Threads expressing concern over how a situation was responded to will be locked and may be deleted and the poster's encouraged to mail their concerns instead, so they can be discussed and resolved privately for a more effective resolution. It has been demonstrated in the past that a public thread does not lead to a problem being resolved and leads to a destructive argument, based on beliefs and not facts, rather than parties working together for a satisfactory solution. This is why we insist on the productive, constructive method of a private discussion.

Specific information and examples of the perceived problem are encouraged, as it is very hard to make improvements where necessary with only a general statement.

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