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Posted on 04/01 16:55
1. Rules
All the relevant [ KoN Rules & Etiquette ] apply on all forums.

Also, ALL POSTS in a thread must be in the same language as the FIRST post in a thread.

The following are all regarding as forum offences.
Note: these apply to forum signatures, as well as posts.

• Flaming
• Spamming and Flooding
• Begging
• Soliciting attacks
• Soliciting jousts
• Posting QotD answers/hints
• Harassing staff (including QotD bashing).
• Obscenity and Vulgarity
• Linking to inappropriate material
• Conducting or discussing illegal activities
• Advertising other games
• Inappropriate behaviour
• Impersonating other players/staff

These apply to all boards, and some boards will have additional rules relevant to their topic.

Not knowing a rule is no excuse to break one.

If you have questions or concerns about these rules, please mail a Forum Moderator or a Head Moderator.
Individual player situations will not be debated or responded to in public boards.

Thank you

The Moderating Team

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