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VOTE! New Month at Vote SitesManager FleckerManChat Moderator [Rhodan]15138
More Knights: Speed/Accuracy StrategyGoH James #1 Playernobodie11114
MpogD]K[ Wanda LusstManager Fleck21134
Information requestL-DandinManager Fleck9117
New Year`s Wish: Vikings!L-DandinAdmin Raherne :))26481
Maxed out Knights!!!GoH James #1 Player James18172
Wow!{K~J}Lord Muirhead̤Yantron~SA32263
New Owner IsAdmin A A -PamelaChat Moderator ̤Mjstik13182
Can we say *NEW* please??Contributor L- jean-claude̤Yantron~SA4136
Anyone Interested in Some Fun?{K~J}Lord Muirhead̤Yantron~SA65187
Solo Knight vs Multiple KnightsMorinehtar Annette :D35474
April Fools: Game ChangesContributor FleckerMenL- Gizzly18207
only newbies no staff...interestingTheDarkSorceressDakmor']K[ Peasant Dog387
Refer a FriendManager FleckerMan Annette :D7108
Whats with all the blue links?Head ACT GoH Rylan SilverfoxManager Fleck12114

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