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455 Subscriber Days Morinehtar (30764)
Posts: 667
Posted on 09/05 06:27
Sons of the American Revolution
Hey Boss

Great name for an Alliance. Just a little unclear about something:

What are you revolting about?


You travelled South.
You are currently at position (250,250)
The beasts around here have an average level of 802.
A Dragon [Level 1002.1] appeared and started attacking!
The judges saw!
3637 Subscriber Days Bosshog Jr (70709)
Posts: 24
Posted on 09/05 08:59
Tea Tax!
James (31209)
Posts: 521
Posted on 09/06 17:25
didn't we do that already?
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270 Subscriber Days AA Kandu (4070)
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Posted on 09/06 19:04
sometimes it's necessary to restate your position

of course seeing as we are in the 12th century, it has not happened yet

09/06 19:53: Edited by AA Kandu (4070)
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Paks (74097)
Posts: 0
Posted on 10/09 13:49
Looks like a very interesting clan!
Being an American, which isn't around in the 12th century either, is still quite interesting. Have heard of the 'Daughters of the Revolutionary War', but I suppose this is the other half. Perhaps their brothers? Anywho, enjoy the revolt over tea tax!
116 Subscriber Days Lord Wargrym (43005)
Staff: Staff
Posts: 317
Posted on 01/09 22:16
It was more than just 'Tea Tax'! Uhg...
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