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Posted on 06/29 17:54
[Angels of Chaos: Amend from Whatever Grave]
In 12th Century England, there is no such thing as Death. There is only Life, even after the destruction of all that is Vital. Be us Angels ready to amend from Grave, of vivid as can be in the Air - Angels of Chaos live on forevermore.

A no-kickout policy for the Angels of Chaos allows you to keep your equipment; say hi without any negative surprises of alliancelessness; but mayhap most importantly, immediately catch up with the game's development, slow as it might be...'t may be of no surprise, that we have a lot of members that are still used to an old system of mining.

Still, the Breath of Life runs through the whole of Chaos. There is always a Neverending Breeze that recovers our conscience in the midst of the Dark Ages.

There is no ending to it. Join, friends - join now and forever!

Be it choice, or be it fate: we destroy, and we create.

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[Rhodan] (12)
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Dies irae, dies illa, dies magna:
Dies cerevisia!

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