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50 Subscriber Days FleckerMan (555)
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Posted on 11/26 17:54
4. Opt-out from Alliance Invites
Here follows a list of those who do not wish to receive invites from alliances. If you are already in an alliance you should not receive an invite.

If you receive an invite whilst on the list, then send Raherne (35966) a message so it can be dealt with.

Players are listed by ID#

21635, Alyxandria
35477, Ki3ran
4001, Serenity
66556 GileZ
21635 Paige

If you wish to be added to the list, please message Raherne (35966) or reply to this thread and you will be added.

03/14 04:30: Edited by .:[M]:. Raherne (35966)
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Cosmic Halo (34804)
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Posted on 02/22 05:21
Well its actually against the rules to invite someone that already is in an alliance, if you are recieving invites from other players (and you're in an alliance) then you need to report them to either one of the moderators (inc. Head Mods) or one of our admin's
3149 Subscriber Days .:[M]:. Phoenix (13653)
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Posted on 02/22 18:16
Moderators can't do anything, so directly to one of the admins or Head ACT is the better target.
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xAliKatx (38025)
Posted on 01/03 04:27
Please put me on this thanks
Eddie Roze (40347)
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Posted on 07/26 04:54
what about a "suggestion" not an invite.
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