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Posted on 11/26 17:52
3. What is an Alliance?
This post was written by EternalRequiem (40089)

An alliance is essentially a group of people that are working together to exceed in the game. By joining an alliance new players are able to learn strategies, talk with experienced players, get loans to help them get started, and just have fun. Alliances can often battle each other but the specifics on that aren't that important but if you are interested I am sure someone else covered them in a different post.

Anyways, if you do not have an alliance, I would recommend checking out some of the alliance threads here, but it would be best to check in the alliance district for more detailed information on each alliance. And just in case you need clarification, the active % means the percentage of people in the alliance that are currently active (That is, logged in within the past 3 weeks).

The battle tax is the percent of your gold gained from each battle in the noblemen arena that will be given to your alliance. Repair cover is the % of healing that your alliance will cover when you need to heal your mercs, however I would not rely completely on your alliance for that. The alliance level is the level that the alliance has attained through battling other alliances, and the average noblemen rank... well that is pretty obvious lol.

If you have any questions feel free to mail me or any other alliance members for more information.
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