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Posted on 11/26 17:03
1. Rules
All the relevant [ KoN Rules & Etiquette ] apply on all forums.

Also, ALL POSTS in a thread must be in the same language as the FIRST post in a thread.

The following are all regarding as forum offences.
Note: these apply to forum signatures, as well as posts.

• Flaming
• Spamming and Flooding
• Begging
• Soliciting attacks
• Soliciting jousts
• Posting QotD answers/hints
• Harassing staff (including QotD bashing).
• Obscenity and Vulgarity
• Linking to inappropriate material
• Conducting or discussing illegal activities
• Advertising other games
• Inappropriate behaviour
• Impersonating other players/staff

These apply to all boards, and some boards will have additional rules relevant to their topic.

Not knowing a rule is no excuse to break one.

If you have questions or concerns about these rules, please mail a Forum Moderator or a Head Moderator.
Individual player situations will not be debated or responded to in public boards.

Thank you

The Moderating Team

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Alliance Board Specific Rules
In addition to the regular Forum rules, these rules also apply to the Alliance Board:

Each alliance is entitled to have one (and only one) thread advertising themselves. This thread must be started by an Alliance Owner or Co-Owner. No Alliance advertising threads will be floated.

Anyone can create a thread about alliances in general, current alliance events, or alliance contest proposals. Posts in such threads should be kept on topic, and only posted if relevant to the thread. Posts that only advertise or support particular alliances and do not otherwise add to the discussion will be deleted.

Criticisms of other alliances will be classed as flaming on this, and other boards, except constructive criticism, where the leaders of the alliance are likely to be receptive to it.

Note: These rules are subject to change, and so should be checked regularly.

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